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American restaurant serving up sustainable creations

[2013-05-28 08:58]

When Vinny Lauria came over to our table toward the end of our meal to see what we thought of his New American Cuisine, I told him how I really felt.

Chicken is safe and delicious

[2013-05-27 13:41]

The recent avian flu sent orders for chicken plummeting, but this popular meat is getting ready to bounce back. Ye Jun reports.

Africa's exotic delights

[2013-05-27 13:33]

While China has become an international marketplace, with restaurants flaunting fare from around the world, eateries that feature the foods of Africa are not easy to find.

Farmhouse simplicity gets a sophisticated make over

[2013-05-27 11:01]

The number of organic and sustainable-minded restaurants continues to grow in Hong Kong as more people become interested in eating healthier and more responsibly.

Outback Steakhouse opens in Shanghai

[2013-05-27 10:26]

The latest is the world's largest steakhouse brand, Outback Steakhouse, which has arrived in Shanghai after getting a foothold in Beijing.

Fish swimming in beer

[2013-05-27 10:22]

Everybody in China knows Guilin is famous for its osmanthus, water chestnuts, betel-nut taro and snail noodles.

Pisco night out

[2013-05-20 14:11]

A Peruvian dining experience is about much more than the country's legendary brandy, Donna Mah discovers in Hong Kong.

Exotic ethnic dining in Beijing

[2013-05-20 13:52]

Beijing is where the world and her dining companions meet, and good chefs from all over the country congregate. Right now, the flavors are fresh, and the menu is blooming.

Small menu, major Italian flavors

[2013-05-20 10:15]

The man behind the Piccolo Pizzeria and Bar restaurant chain in Hong Kong, they are staying true to their name with a "small menu and venues that are cozy and intimate".

A savory ride to China's southwest

[2013-05-19 07:34]

A heap of succulent pork ribs smothered in a mixture of red and green fresh chilies, peanuts, and fermented bean sprouts and black beans.

Fresh from the sea

[2013-05-13 15:51]

'Tis the best time to savor the freshest seafood, with a few high-end restaurants in Beijing offering irresistible deals. Ye Jun gives the rundown.

Paris dreaming in downtown Hong Kong

[2013-05-13 15:46]

One of my favorite Parisian memories is lounging at an al fresco cafe enjoying an ice cream after spending the morning checking out the Pompidou's exhibitions.

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