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Simple art of cooking woos top Aussie chef

[2010-10-08 09:44]

When it comes to foreign dishes, Neil Perry, one of Australia's most influential chefs, is all for Chinese cuisine.

Dishes to die for

[2010-10-08 09:40]

A Chengdu restaurant celebrates ancient China's epic Battle of Red Cliffs in a most ingenious way.

Basque without borders

[2010-10-02 09:21]

Basque Country cuisine makes its way to the Expo, Shi Yingying reports.

A taste of real Mexican food

[2010-09-30 09:35]

The dining scene in the capital has become a cuisine kaleidoscope. International cuisines are on the rise but none more so than South American cuisine.

Yunnan food with a scent of history

[2010-09-28 09:53]

Leather armchairs, contemporary artwork and an assortment of whiskeys.

The Parisienne of Beijing

[2010-09-26 09:48]

Maxim's was one of the first Western restaurants to open in the capital 27 years ago.

Food Reviews: An edible ode to autumn

[2010-09-19 09:46]

Autumn sees an abundance of mellow fruits and meat treats at VIC restaurant.


[2010-09-16 16:08]

Being born and bred in Southeast Asia, with a mother who cooks nonya cuisine daily (Chinese-Malay cuisine typical of the Straits-born Chinese), I have high expectations when dining in a Southeast Asian restaurant, as well as a high tolerance for anything spicy and highly aromatic.

Tianjin to give fans a big serving of fun

[2010-09-16 09:26]

Food Network fanatics, Master Chef addicts and other self-confessed gastronomers, who believe the food scene in Beijing is still a little underdone, will be excited to know that the city's food culture will be getting a significant boost this weekend with the inaugural China Wine & Food Festival in Tianjin.

A feast for the eyes and the stomach

[2010-09-12 10:56]

The fresh, meaty seasonal hairy crab, though, is a winner. The crab is matched with a ginger and black sugar soup, whose warming effect counterbalances the coldness of the seafood.

The Art of Wind and Water:Shanghai

[2010-09-12 09:39]

Geomancy is a unique Chinese art of tying destiny with the five elements of metal, wood, water, fire and earth. A restaurant brings it a step closer to life. Shi Yingying reports.

It's Oktoberfest:Beijing

[2010-09-12 09:35]

The annual excuse to chug mug after mug of beer is back. Ye Jun does a quick spin around town to check out the best places for brew and grub because...

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