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Capital has a taste for extravagance

[2012-04-04 11:19]

But you don't have to pay through the nose to tickle your taste buds with luxury fare.

A french connection

[2012-03-26 14:08]

After more than a decade in Macao, Francky Semblat's restaurant can challenge some of the finest dining establishments in Paris.

View from the top

[2012-03-26 10:26]

For the past decade, French chefs within a thousand kilometers of Macao jockeyed for the position of being second-best.

Rites of spring

[2012-03-26 10:24]

The sap is running and the shoots are sprouting. Spring is definitely in the air, and in the kitchens. Ye Jun in Beijing gives us a preview of the new season's menus.

Just ducky

[2012-03-25 13:19]

"I think it is safe to say 1949 Jinbao Jie serves one of Beijing's best roast duck," says Ye Jun.

Spring menus have sprung

[2012-03-19 13:53]

Spring is a time for new beginnings, and plenty of restaurants have introduced new menus full of fresh ingredients just in season.

Luxury in the details

[2012-03-15 15:05]

Eating Cantonese is an indulgence for any well-traveled gourmet, but when it comes to eating Cantonese at Man Ho, it becomes sheer decadence.

The emperor's noodles

[2012-03-12 13:30]

Suzhou cuisine has thrived on legends, history and natural flavors. Ye Jun finds out why it's still so popular today.

Yunnan stakes its claim to best duck

[2012-03-04 17:06]

Peking roast duck may be the country's most famous duck dish, but people from Yunnan province always say the best ducks come from Yiliang county in the province.

Here's some spice for your life

[2012-03-04 17:06]

Newly opened Indian restaurant Khajuraho at Sanlitun SOHO does a good job of adapting to Chinese tastes.

Chef as artist

[2012-02-27 17:07]

Tino Giuseppe's new menu at Favola is his latest brush with food as art, Mike Peters reviews his works.

Memories are made of these

[2012-02-27 15:07]

There is food you eat and forget. And there is food you eat and remember, like the meal I had at Rua Do Cunha Macao Hot Pot Restaurant. The well-marbled beef and the beef tendons we ate were full of flavor, and drew us back like epicurean magnets.

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