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Brunch is a cut above the rest

[2013-05-13 10:03]

Since May 7, dedicated brunch enthusiasts can now dine on the 5,000-yuan-per-head ($810) Ultimate Sunday Brunch, almost 10 times the cost of the original "best brunch".

Small Town restaurant delights the palate

[2013-05-13 09:55]

It is no surprise that a chef in his mid-20s will start his career in the heart of Beijing's most happening area.

Imperial treasures lure natives of Shanghai back to the Bund

[2013-05-07 13:38]

Iconic Shanghai landmark The Bund is often avoided by the city's locals looking to dine.

The art of pairing Chinese wine with food

[2013-05-07 13:29]

Pairing wine with Chinese food is a difficult task. That means it can be tricky, but also interesting.

Celebrate Cantonese

[2013-05-05 07:38]

Tim's Kitchen has a huge following in Hong Kong. Its stellar reputation in such a fickle foodie city spoke volumes long before Michelin doled out its first star.

Saying mango in Russian

[2013-05-04 07:57]

It's not the first word you think of when Russian food is being discussed. A mango in Russia?

World's Best Restaurants 2013

[2013-05-03 11:10]

The World's 50 Best Restaurants was announced and Spain's El Celler De Can Roca topped the list. Three restaurants from China also won their seats in the list.

Spain's El Celler De Can Roca named world's best restaurant

[2013-05-03 10:09]

Spain's El Celler De Can Roca edged past Denmark's Noma and Italy's Osteria Francescana to be named the world's best restaurant in a ceremony in London. World's Best Restaurants 2013

Moon cakes get new flavors

[2013-05-02 15:28]

Quanjude Group will produce moon cakes in 19 flavors, including sweetened lotus, and its trademark duck, for this year's Mid-Autumn Festival, which falls on Sept 9.

Lamb stands the test of time

[2013-05-01 15:39]

With public health scares hitting sales of pork and poultry, diners are developing a renewed enthusiasm for lamb, which has a long and rich history in Chinese cuisine.

Celebrating the season

[2013-04-28 14:47]

The "ode to spring" tasting at Da Dong Peking Roast Duck Restaurant is always something this food reviewer looks forward to.

Time for truffles

[2013-04-28 14:36]

Chinese truffles are not heavily scented and most Chinese diners prefer their truffles cooked or slightly blanched.When white is right

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