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Wrapped up as daily staple, festive food

[2011-10-17 11:32]

Dumplings or jiaozi are essential food during celebrations and holidays, and this time-honored tradition stretches right back to the Han Dynasty 1,800 years ago.

Swallowing clouds in water

[2011-10-17 11:31]

Cantonese wontons are an incredibly popular snack or small meal choice for many people.

Let them eat cake

[2011-10-17 11:27]

When studying in China a few years ago, Lexie Morris searched in vain for the quality cakes and buns so readily available at home in Britain.

Festival of beef noodles

[2011-10-09 11:12]

Beef noodle soup, it sounds so simple. Beef, noodles and soup in a bowl together, but there is so much more to it - especially if it's from Taiwan.

Agony and ecstasy for the senses

[2011-10-09 11:04]

Stinky tofu, the iconic "bizarre food" that you can never forget once you've tried it, or even had a whiff of it.

Going 'home', Japanese style

[2011-10-09 10:44]

This little shop-style restaurant reminds me of quaint little local places in dimly lit alleyways in Japan.

Global gastronomy dishes it out

[2011-10-08 13:07]

China's tables keep turning toward the world, as a slew of foreign food restaurants are dishing out their finest fare in the country's capital and beyond.

Little lamb, who made thee?

[2011-10-08 13:07]

Mutton is a favorite meat from Urumqi to Beijing, and this tender morsel is a prime choice for gourmet diners.

Temples of taste

[2011-10-07 16:39]

Few images deliver the flavor of ancient China more powerfully than a temple. Bringing that combination of history and charm into the 21st century is the goal of two Beijing buzz generators.

Private culinary designs

[2011-10-07 16:39]

Ambience is part of the dining experience and two of Hong Kong's best private chefs draw upon design backgrounds to make it a gastronomic delight.

Sesame-crusted moons

[2011-10-05 11:36]

It may no longer be the center of commerce it used to be, but Zhoucun in Shandong has a lasting legacy from its glory days.

The doornail breads of Beijing

[2011-10-05 11:22]

This is more like a pie than a bread, and an interesting anecdote is often told about its origins.

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