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Food is culture

[2011-09-29 15:31]

Not many chefs can successfully blend different cultures and present it as a single tasty dish. Celebrity Chef Chakall is someone who can.

'I will adapt,' says owner of stall that keeps bellies of techies full

[2011-09-28 11:48]

Yan Xihai started cooking at an eatery in Beijing's Zhongguancun in 1994 because it meant he wouldn't have to sleep under overpasses anymore.

Having a ball in Fuzhou

[2011-09-25 15:50]

The surprise of the deceptively simple snack, yuwan, the signature snack in of Fuzhou, Fujian province, lies in the heart of it.

Don't let the cool weather ruin Oktoberfest spirit

[2011-09-25 15:32]

Although this is just the end of September, the spirit of Oktoberfest seems to be running cold in Beijing's autumnal weather.

An 'ear piece'

[2011-09-13 16:08]

Traditional methods of preparing food may be vanishing, but a workshop in Kunming has kept alive the old art of making erkuai (soft pounded rice).

A meal fit for a president

[2011-09-10 15:44]

Former White House executive chef Walter Scheib recently visited Beijing, where he shared his experiences of cooking for two US presidents.

Angry Birds and truffles

[2011-09-07 13:48]

Rebecca Lo looks at those stir-crazy creative bakers and sellers of mooncakes in Hong Kong.

Juicy steamed buns in Kaifeng Diyilou

[2011-09-05 18:48]

Kaifeng Diyilou, with it's headquarters in Kaifeng, Henan province, is a restaurant with a history of nearly 90 years. It was built in 1922 and was famous for one of Kaifeng's specialties, juicy steamed buns.

Foods to tease your taste buds in autumn evenings

[2011-09-05 14:35]

As autumn nears, Beijing's restaurant scene comes alive with foods to awaken the senses, at a range of tasting events and festivals.

Cooking up change

[2011-09-05 14:09]

Today's Chinese kitchens show the dramatic advancement in living standards.

Eating Thai in Shanghai

[2011-04-13 18:22]

It's the Thai Water Splashing Festival in a few days (April 13 to 15), and the festivities have already started.

Japanese still on the menu

[2011-04-12 10:32]

The popularity of Japanese food in Hong Kong is undisputed. And still is, in spite of radiation scares and health concerns about contaminated seafood.

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