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Safety before sashimi

[2011-04-12 10:22]

Are you hesitating before biting into that lovely platter of raw fish? Rest easy, China's Japanese restaurants are taking precautions when it comes to food safety.

Fresh flavors

[2011-04-07 12:10]

Spring is the time to enjoy the natural freshness of food. Many ancient Chinese people seem to have had a very detached attitude toward their deceased.

Stuffed with goodness

[2011-04-07 12:10]

Whether you are traveling in the north or the south of China, one delicacy you are almost sure to find on the menu is jiaozi, ear-shaped dough dumplings with various fillings.

Many-splendored rice

[2011-04-07 12:03]

Five-color sticky rice, a traditional festival food for the Zhuang ethnic group in South China, gets its name because the rice is dyed with herbs that yield five colors: black, red, yellow, white and purple.

Steam locust flowers for a spring treat

[2011-04-07 12:02]

Steamed locust flower is a specialty in Henan province, eaten here for thousands of years. Locust flowers usually appear in April or May, and last about 10 to 15 days.

Hong Kong-Satisfy a sweet tooth

[2011-03-30 13:33]

While it's true that dessert is not the highlight on most Chinese menus, there are certainly lots of choices for modern and more traditional Chinese-style desserts available here, and now.

Beijing-A load of delicious tripe

[2011-03-29 12:29]

Chinese cuisine is known for its innovation, especially when it comes to the off-cuts of meat.

Hangzhou - Naturally food

[2011-03-28 18:33]

Nestled by the banks of the West Lake is a place where au naturel is the keyword. Longjing Manor by the West Lake in Hangzhou is not the first restaurant to advocate and serve "natural food", and it will not be the last, as healthy eating trends bloom across the country.


[2011-01-04 10:20]

As thick as thieves or perhaps the Three Musketeers, Japanese mainstay Hatsune stands guard over twin sister restaurants Kagen and Kagen Teppanyaki located directly below in He Qiao Mansion's basement.

Basilico Trattoria & Grill

[2011-01-04 10:20]

A truly memorable night – attractive environment, well-presented and prepared food paired with fine wines, supported by great service.

Hilton Wangfujing Fizztastic Brunch Turns One

[2011-01-04 10:06]

I can pen verses on the joys of sipping champagne and eating moist chunks of exotic delicacies while under the autumn sky of Beijing…but I would rather let the Hilton Wangfujing's Fizztastic Brunch let me live it instead.

Christmas Dinner at the Peony

[2011-01-04 10:06]

A special Christmas dinner featuring traditional European and American holiday dishes and desserts.

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