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In the mood for Modo

[2010-11-01 09:51]

It might be from the same people as Mosto, but new Sanlitun restaurant Modo is an entirely different beast. Alexandra Leyton Espinoza discovers the massive appeal of customer choice

Fresh out of Ningbo

[2010-10-22 10:06]

Yun's Fusion Cuisine serves up Zhejiang specialties, with a focus on seafood from Ningbo, in retro-chicdcor , says Li Xinzhu.

Cyprus BBQ goes friendly to earth and heart

[2010-10-20 09:08]

The Cypriot equivalent of a national sport -- the barbeque -- has taken on a healthier and ecological twist in the form of the "eco-souvla".

Authentic Sichuan dishes with a twist

[2010-10-18 09:34]

With soft rock drifting across a Western-styled restaurant, "genuine?southwestern Chinese cuisine is certainly not what it used to be, Eileen Wen Mooney discovers

Spice route options

[2010-10-17 13:28]

Adding spice to your life and palate can be healthy as well as delicious. Donna Mah has suggestions on where to go.

Rare Michelin treat for Beijing gourmets

[2010-10-17 13:21]

Sample Paul Bocuse's legendary signature dishes from his restaurant.

Pure originals

[2010-10-17 13:17]

As autumn prepares us for the chill and cold, Huaiyang cuisine-a frequent choice for state banquets-is the ideal choice for the discerning gourmet.


[2010-10-14 15:38]

Intimate space, traditional design and top quality ingredients make this restaurant worth it all for a unique experience into fine Japanese dining.

Tavola Italian Dining

[2010-10-14 15:38]

Tavola is an eloquent restaurant for fine dining and gives emotional diners the affection they long for in a meal.

Center-stage kitchen

[2010-10-11 09:17]

A minimalist Japanese restaurant hidden in a grove of bamboo is attracting diners who travel for the gourmet delights.

Beachside dining

[2010-10-11 09:17]

Sunny weather and gentle breezes make a perfect scene for dining out. Donna Mah scouts out some great places for ...

A symphony of tastes

[2010-10-11 09:17]

The food at China World Hotel is considered by the doyens of catering in Beijing as some of the best among five-star hotels in the capital.

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