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Take a break on Chang'an Avenue

[2012-07-07 07:52]

It is a prestigious neighborhood full of movers and shakers. On the right is Tian'anmen, where the portrait of the nation's founding father gazes down on tourist hordes come to pay homage.

Say cheese, in Chinese or Dutch, please

[2012-07-02 10:37]

Cheese, glorious cheese. Some people love it and can't imagine life without it, while others are perfectly happy living their cheese-free lives.

Her dumplings are filled with pride

[2012-07-02 10:32]

Wu Huaxia arrived at Du Yi Chu Shaomai Restaurant confident about her skills in making shaomai, but her master told her to sweep the floor instead.

Feast simply on mid-week seafood

[2012-06-18 16:33]

Wednesday is usually the day when one needs a mid-week break or a treat to go through the week.

Go with the Flo

[2012-06-18 15:57]

Flo Beijing has been in operation for 12 years and recently moved to its new home. Ye Jun checks out the spanking new venue.

A Summer des Fruits

[2012-06-14 15:13]

At the threshold of another scorching summer, nothing can be more refreshing than a fruit feast and Sun Palace has it all.

All the best flavors of Spain

[2012-06-11 15:25]

The popular Spanish restaurant Azul, launched on Dongping Road in 2003, has taken up its new residence at Ferguson Lane on Wukang Road.

Swiss specials

[2012-06-11 15:21]

Fondue and raclette are just two of the cheesy delights to be found at The Swiss Chalet, Rebecca Lo finds out in Hong Kong.

It all started with a bang

[2012-06-11 14:52]

A former explosives magazine compound created by the British army in the mid-19th century is now the home of the restaurant and bar AMMO.

The new place to party, eat and be merry

[2012-06-06 17:26]

It's one of those places to see and to be seen. This is the stunning new joint venture between Aqua Group and Giorgio Armani

Stretch your legs for this grand buffet

[2012-06-04 13:48]

In the Waldorf Astoria, Sunday brunch can be quite a journey.

Eat like the Romans when in Hong Kong

[2012-06-04 13:07]

In the shiny new LHT Tower in Central, you'll find the new Lupa restaurant, which brings Roman-style Italian cuisine by New York celebrity chef Mario Batali to Hong Kong.

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