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History, culture, cuisine

[2010-08-29 10:51]

The colorful ethnic heritage of Yunnan comes to Shanghai, showcased in a restaurant.

Seeing stars the Italian way

[2010-08-29 10:45]

Italian haute cuisine has arrived in Beijing with two stars and a story to tell. Ye Jun reviews the food.

Real man food

[2010-08-22 10:00]

It is a common Chinese culinary belief that what you eat is what you will become. It drives a persistent off-mainstream market for certain animal parts. Ye Jun tells us more.

Sundays, over easy

[2010-08-22 10:00]

For some, Sunday brunch means eggs - sunny-side up, over-easy, poached or soft-boiled. For others, it means a buffet with a waffle station and free-flowing champagne.

Michelin twins find new home

[2010-08-20 09:53]

Famed French culinary brothers move out of the Expo and into a historic Shanghai building, Shi Yingying reports.

Cantine Nouveau Bistro

[2010-08-19 10:33]

Wasting food is one of my shameful vices. As for the others, some I do not care to make public and the rest I perhaps do not even admit to myself.

Fizztastic Champagne Brunch

[2010-08-19 10:33]

This brunch experience is not only an amazing deal but guaranteed to make you commit the deadly sin of gluttony.

Nali native brings 'genuine' Yunnan cuisine to food lovers in Beijing

[2010-08-19 10:14]

Fresh vegetables, sauteed with lemon and herbs: Eatery Dianke Dianlai is cooking up a storm in the capital

License to create

[2010-08-16 11:39]

A new generation of Beijing chefs are remaking Chinese cuisine in innovate ways. Wish's Yu Meisheng is chief among them.

Guilt-free eating and drinking

[2010-08-13 09:45]

Still hungry - then eat the cutlery, as Wu Yiyao discovered at the London Case Pavilion.

A sense of the sensei at Morio J-Cuisine

[2010-08-12 09:46]

Sakayori Morio might have been a bit late getting into the kitchen, but like a fine rice wine, the wait was definitely worth it.

The Chinoise Story

[2010-08-10 09:56]

Chinoise Story has created a perfect ambience that draws you in as soon as you enter.

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