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Tasting the Waldorf Astoria

[2012-02-27 15:02]

Overwhelmed by too many choices? A little bored with the usual starters, mains and desserts? Break the mold and order differently.

Guardian of kitchen arts

[2012-02-27 13:07]

He is old school, a chef who started from the bottom rung as the lowliest kitchen apprentice. But look at him now.

Chef as artist

[2012-02-27 13:01]

Tino Giuseppe's new menu at Favola is his latest brush with food as art, Mike Peters reviews his works.

Tradition with fashion

[2012-02-27 12:54]

Kenny Fu started culinary training as a Western chef, then got exposed to classical Chinese elements in a fusion restaurant. He has now gone full circle.

In defense of tradition

[2012-02-27 09:41]

He oversees one of the most respected kitchens of China, where the imperial cuisines from the Qing Dynasty courts are still replicated every day.

These last Chinese chefs

[2012-02-27 09:40]

They created one of the greatest epicurean culture in the world, but China's guardians of cuisine are having to move with the times to catch up with the rest of world at warp speed.

Delicious fishes

[2012-02-25 08:30]

Spring brings a bounty of sensational seafood from the Yangtze River to Beijing's dining scene. Ye Jun reports.

Bites of Vietnam by the lake

[2012-02-20 14:52]

Qingyunlou is known as Beijing's guardian of Shandong cuisine, but few people realize that it also has a Vietnamese restaurant.

Making Ma cuisine your cuisine

[2012-02-20 14:51]

Ma Cuisine is a jewel in the Chai Wan industrial district on Hong Kong island, although this newly opened French private kitchen is a little hard to find.

Shrimp haul on the hill

[2012-02-20 14:51]

Bubba Gump's delivers seafood fit for a film crew, served up with a grand view of the island's Victoria Harbor. Mike Peters goes shrimping.

Restaurant week comes to Beijing

[2012-02-16 16:08]

Fine dining and fine wines often come at a premium, especially in Beijing. However, all of that is about to change, at least for a week, with the launch of Beijing Restaurant Week.

The way straight to a woman's heart is through her stomach

[2012-02-12 11:06]

It's a trend, especially in Shanghai, for men to take over the kitchen.

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