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Iberian heights

[2012-10-28 14:47]

Revolving high above the city, View 62 is two-Michelin-starred Spanish chef Paco Roncero's first foray in China. Rebecca Lo fastens her seat belt and samples his unique brand of molecular gastronomy.

No half measures for true gourmets

[2012-10-28 14:41]

What is the secret to an absolutely fabulous dish? Set aside the intangibles like passion or dreams, and you have only one answer - money. To create a top-class dish, you definitely need top-notch ingredients, and these never come cheap.

Varying degrees of heat

[2012-10-22 14:33]

If you are in Guizhou province and ordering food in a restaurant, beware. The degree of spiciness the locals are used to is in a very different sphere, and neophyte diners need to adjust their expectations.

Feasts and dreams

[2012-10-15 11:18]

Aubergines marinated in the stock of 10 chickens. Jujubes and yams pureed, sieved and baked into a tiny cake. These culinary scenes from the literary classic A Dream of Red Mansions are about to come to life.

Good croissant is a French croissant

[2012-10-14 15:22]

Flaky and crispy on the outside, soft and tender on the inside, a good croissant is all these and more at Le Salon et Croissanterie at Hysan Place in Causeway Bay.

Ultraviolet, ultra sensory

[2012-10-14 15:22]

Ultraviolet is a multi-sensory experience where you are surrounded with projections and soundtracks that correspond with each of the plates that arrive at your table.

A more convivial dining experience

[2012-10-08 18:16]

MODO, situated in the heart of Beijing’s Sanlitun South Village, is one of a good choices for dinning and entertainment.

Chef Yannick: Reinventing simple cuisine

[2012-09-29 11:07]

A chef with three Michelin stars like Yannick Alleno will go to almost any length to gain even a small improvement in a recipe.

Caviar indulgence

[2012-09-29 10:48]

Yannick Alleno is back in Beijing with an autumn menu that is simple, yet decadent.

Evergreens on the table in Macao

[2012-09-29 09:59]

Macanese staples and international fare in a garden setting has made Cafe Panorama a favorite with locals for the past generation.

Common language of good food

[2012-09-29 09:55]

Stylish Japanese sushi houses have always been a favorite of the young white-collar urbanites.

Haute herbs experience

[2012-09-24 13:14]

It is a bold chef who dares to add unfamiliar ingredients to a whole season's menu, but the experiment seems to have brought the dining experience up a notch.

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