Mo Yan considers his books inappropriate for teenage readers

( ) Updated: 2014-12-02 15:06:43

When asked about the explicit sex scenes in his novels during a recent speech at Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou, Nobel Prize winner Mo Yan said his books might be inappropriate for students in primary schools and high schools, according to China News Service.

"I was young and bold at that time, so some descriptions could be a little bit too explicit," the writer explained when one high school student in the audience brought up his confusion while reading the book.

Ever since Mo won the prize in 2012, his works have been going strong in bookstores around the country. Due to his popularity some parents and teachers have included his books on children’s reading lists. But Mo said he didn't write for children and some sex elements in the books were too essential for the characters' development to be eliminated.

It is important to control "such things’ influences on teenagers' physical and physiological health", according to Mo. He also added that a lot of online literature and movies provide a steady and unhealthy diet of sex and to curb this trend requires more effort other than that from the parents.

He gave his "most direct advice" to the student, "Do not listen to your teachers. Do not read my books. You could try them after you grow up and get married. Now maybe you should just read something about rural scenery or something about family love."

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