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'Oil painting is not just a business-it's the thing I love most'

[2016-08-25 08:32]

It's been 17 years since Wei Haihan arrived in Dafen village as a recent graduate of the Guangxi Arts University and desperate to fulfill his dream of becoming a working artist.

Painters' village on the canvas as slowdown bites

[2016-08-25 08:14]

Dafen was once a world-leader in the production of oil paintings, but the fragile global economy and China's slowing growth is forcing artists to adapt to a new reality. Zhou Mo reports from Shenzhen, Guangdong province.

Is it a manhole cover or ancient coin?

[2016-08-23 11:29]

In Zhengzhou, Henan province, 19 manhole covers on a sidewalk have been painted like ancient coins.

'Born in China' in Chinese paintings

[2016-08-23 11:16]

Let's check out some expensive animal paintings, and go on a grand journey into the wilds of China.

Beijing show spotlights reform-era landmarks in China

[2016-08-23 07:34]

High-rise buildings that dominate the skylines of major Chinese cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou include well-designed luxury hotels that passers-by take for granted.

Vietnam devises strategies to revive dying art form

[2016-08-23 07:34]

Visitors to Hanoi can now see 12 genres of Vietnamese folk paintings at an exhibition at the Hanoi Museum. More than 200 works from well-known painting genres such as Dong Ho, Hang Trong and Kim Hoang are on show.

Rich symbols of ethnic culture

[2016-08-23 07:44]

A handicraft show at the National Art Museum of China is displaying pieces of fabric lovingly embroidered by women from the country's south

Peking Opera or fashion show?

[2016-08-22 16:03]

Traditional Peking opera or latest fashion show? Well, the two seem to belong to different eras. However, what happens when they mix together?

The rise and fall of Beijing 798 Contemporary Art Zone

[2016-08-19 17:26]

Transformed from electronic manufacturing plants, the art zone was built on the basis of some modern Chinese artists' ideas at the beginning of the new millennium.

Ancient paintings depict Chinese forerunners of Olympic sports

[2016-08-19 15:00]

Many modern Olympic sports can be traced back to ancient China. By looking at these ancient paintings, we can trace their evolution.

Ink made birds and flowers on display

[2016-08-19 11:30]

Jia Baomin, a Chinese painter known for ink and water paintings of bird and flowers is holding a solo painting exhibition at Yanhuang Art Museum in Beijing.

Local tastes drive Parisian designer's Beijing project

[2016-08-19 08:30]

As the world's largest auto market, China is probably the best showroom for car manufacturers.

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