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Sky painter Langkajie's Tangka shines in Beijing

[2016-05-28 16:11]

An exhibition featuring 70 Tangkas pieces painted by Langkajie and his successors were on show at the National Center for the Performing Arts in Beijing on  May 21. It is the first time Langkajie's Nirvana comes to Beijing.

Will the artist show up to exhibition of his work?

[2016-05-28 11:16]

A major exhibition of Banksy's works opens in Rome and, as ever with the secretive British street artist, there is mystery attached.

CAFA biennial open to all (except curator)

[2016-05-27 14:13]

The third Biennial of the Museum of the Central Academy of Fine Arts is calling for artworks from across the world, declaring it's a time that everyone can be an artist, says the museum’s director, Wang Huangsheng.

Thangka and photography exhibition opens in Frankfurt, Germany

[2016-05-26 16:41]

"The Color of West China" Thangka and Photography Exhibition opened in Frankfurt, Germany on May 23.

Lingnan-style paintings on show in Shanghai

[2016-05-25 14:42]

Besides his duty as the vice-president of China Artists Association, Xu Qinsong, 64, is an avid ink painter.

Show provides rare glimpse of Tibetan culture

[2016-05-25 08:41]

Legend has it that about centuries ago, Namkhagyan, a master of Tibetan thangka art, suddenly learned how to paint with a pen given by a Buddha in a dream.

Serbian artist: The world in a leaf

[2016-05-24 21:51]

Softness. Subtleness. Sophistication. Celebrated Serbian artist Mirjana Mit. Stojkovic's paintings offer these qualities through the stroke of a brush and in one artistic subject - leaves.

Yang Ermin's ink paintings have a modern twist

[2016-05-24 16:48]

Yang Ermin's solo exhibition to be opened at Linyi's city museum, in Shandong province, will have some 60 ink paintings through which one can get a picture of how the artist gives a modern touch to classical ink art.

Xia's return to painting parallels love of calligraphy

[2016-05-24 09:34]

Titled Time Speed, Xia Pengcheng's solo exhibition currently at Songzhuang village, an art district in Beijing's eastern suburbs, examines how people can achieve inner peace when living in a fast-paced environment.

Classical Chinese art on the block

[2016-05-24 09:25]

Works from several centuries past will be part of Sotheby's semiannual offering of Chinese art.

Sculpture exhibition on in Shanghai

[2016-05-23 15:56]

Life-size sculptures of plump women, often in gravity-defying postures, are on display at the Liu Haisu Art Museum in Shanghai.

Painter Li Xiaolin illustrates the beauty of culture

[2016-05-19 14:26]

Painter Li Xiaolin intends to present the beauty of traditional Chinese culture through her paintings. She combined the customs during a solar term and the associated food and created a series of illustrations named "24 Solar Terms and Chinese Delicacies".

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