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K-pop star to curate Sotheby's auction

[2016-07-28 16:52]

The age-old business of art auction is renewing itself by reaching out to the younger generation.

Exhibition showcases Chinese artworks in London

[2016-07-28 10:46]

"Summer Group Show", an exhibition featuring works of Chinese painters, was held in London recently. Works from Wang Jun, Shi Rongqiang and Yu Cun were showcased at the event, covering traditional Chinese painting modern ink paintings and contemporary oil paintings of landscapes and portraits.

Rain Room: A summer escape in Beijing

[2016-07-27 11:19]

Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park is welcoming visitors with its Rain Room, which has been proving popular among kids and adults alike in Beijing.

Silk road culture sparkles at Hong Kong book fair

[2016-07-26 11:31]

A silk road themed exhibition makes a splash at the 27th Hong Kong book fair during July 20 to 27, giving visitors a visual feast of ancient Chinese culture.

Yan Han's woodcuts tell of suffering and valor during wartime

[2016-07-26 07:35]

In 1938, while fleeing the invading Japanese troops, two students of the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou, East China's Zhejiang province, parted ways.

Timothy Taylor picks Shanghai artist for Europe

[2016-07-26 07:35]

Abstract artist Ding Yi from Shanghai has become the first Chinese to be represented in the United Kingdom by the British gallery Timothy Taylor.

The new generation

[2016-07-26 08:20]

"They had their never-to-be-repeated opportunities, while we have our vision and learning," said Wang Ge, comparing the older generation of dealers with the new kids on the block, such as her.

Market meltdown leaves antiques dealers on the shelf

[2016-07-26 08:20]

China's collectibles' market hit a high in 2011, but then the bubble burst, leaving private vendors and craftsman desperate for sales.

Waiting for a rebound that may never come

[2016-07-26 07:57]

As an auctioneer-cum-researcher, Ji Tao not only witnessed but participated as China's art and antiques market reveled in an unprecedented upsurge in the spring of 2011.

HK collector displays Italian art in Beijing

[2016-07-26 07:47]

Hong Kong businessman George Wong is holding a show in Beijing of works covering four phases of Italian art.

Wedding under molten iron

[2016-07-25 13:34]

To walk past a thousand Celcius liquid iron rain may sounds a little bit crazy, yet for a man surnamed Zhao in Weixian county, North China's Hebei province, doesn't think so.

Photographer uses traditional technique to capture images

[2016-07-25 13:12]

Feng Jianguo is a professor at the academy of fine arts in Tsinghua University, where he teaches traditional photography techniques.

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