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Chibi Maruko 25th anniversary exhibition in Macao

[2016-07-01 11:18]

A Chibi Maruko-chan 25th anniversary exhibition opens today at the Macao Convention Center.

Peng Jian brings rich palette to his ink art

[2016-06-30 13:51]

Ink artist Peng Jian, 31, likes to arrange geometric objects, such as books, boxes and magic cubes, in random manner which is similar to how Japanese mono-ha artists do in their creation.

The beauty of life shown in sculptures

[2016-06-30 13:37]

Unique Temperamentis a sculpture exhibition that shows various approaches to bringing out the beauty of life. It teams up active artists, including Huang Gang, Wu Daxing and Ren Zhe.

Song Ge's solo show features strong influence of folk art

[2016-06-30 13:24]

Song Ge's exhibition, titled Another Passageway, shows dozen paintings featuring vibrant colors and illusive scenes. Viewers can see obvious influences of Chinese folk art and Japanese ukiyo-e painting style.

Bulgarian art exhibition promotes cultural communication

[2016-06-29 17:45]

A Bulgarian art exhibition at the Beijing Language and Culture University hosted the President of the National Assembly in Bulgaria, Tsetska Tsacheva, on Wednesday.

Villagers in Henan dedicated to tiger paintings

[2016-06-28 10:27]

The painting industry in Wanggongzhuang, a village in Henan, started in 1956, mainly themed on tiger, fish and crane creations.

Xia's pieces reveal complex process of creating them

[2016-06-28 09:29]

Xia Hang, the 38-year-old Beijing-based artist is known for creating sophisticated installations that are made of several thousand mechanical parts in stainless steel. He designs them through computer programming.

Portraits of master artists' lovers fetch high price

[2016-06-27 14:33]

Two separate female portraits of Pablo Picasso and Amedeo Modigliani's lovers accounted for nearly 80 per cent of the turnover at a London auction last week.

In Rome, Ken Domon, Japan's master of realism, gets first overseas exhibition

[2016-06-25 07:39]

The works of Ken Domon, an acclaimed photographer whose images of the aftermath of the Hiroshima bomb shocked 1950s Japan, took center stage in Rome at the end of last month with the opening of the first exhibition of his pictures outside his home country.

Spain's Prado unveils major exhibit of Dutch master Bosch

[2016-06-25 07:39]

It may not be the most suitable exhibit for the squeamish but the Prado Museum's 500th anniversary display of the most and best of Dutch Renaissance master Hieronymus Bosch is definitely a must for art lovers, and maybe gore freaks too.

Famed photographer Berengo Gardin looks back on his changing world

[2016-06-25 07:39]

Italy's most famous photo reporter, Gianni Berengo Gardin, has spent more than half a century documenting a disappearing world and now recognises that even his own profession is fading fast.

Preview of Xiling Yinshe Auction's spring sale held in Hangzhou

[2016-06-24 11:16]

The preview of Xiling Yinshe Auction's spring sale is under way in Hangzhou, and the auction will be held on Saturday.

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