The sweet smell of food & flowers

By Dong Fangyu ( China Daily ) Updated: 2015-07-18 08:12:51

The sweet smell of food & flowers

Teriyaki salmon with coconut rice and sauteed snow beans.

Instead, flowers and plants dominate the decor, and every dish is ornamented with flowers, such as the viola tricolor, commonly known as heartsease, a pansy as delicate as they come. And these pansies are not there only to be seen, but to be eaten as well.

We had the organic tomato soup (35 yuan), served warm enough, and acidic but sweet. On top of the soup was a miniature yellow-faced pansy floating on a bed of avocado foam.

At Tomacado when you order a drink or dessert you are also brought a dainty cluster of flowers in tiny vases that go with each dish. These flowers are decorative only and not for sale.

We tried a refreshing drink called Very Berries, a Tomacado special made with strawberry, blueberry, Sprite, lemon and mint leaves. It is served with a delicate bouquet made of a pink rose and tiny, exquisite purple-blue forget-me-nots.

In short, Kong's aim has been to create an ambiance in which the small, delightful things of life can be appreciated.

Tomacado's table water is light, easy to drink and appealing to the eye. It is made with basil, mint leaves, rose and blueberry.

As a smoothie there is Let's Avocado, made with green apple, honey and, obviously, avocado. It is served with an arrangement of a little daisy and a species of pink and white dianthus called China pink in a green vase, forming a matching color with the avocado and the apple.

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