Chinese farmers' art paintings score at UN

By Hu Haidan at the United Nations ( China Daily USA ) Updated: 2014-05-22 11:18:52

"In the past, the paintings mainly focused on farmers' daily routine, including harvest, holiday celebration and farming," said Wang. "In recent years, along with economy and technological development, farmers see more of the outside world and that experience is reflected in their paintings."

Wang introduced Li's painting entitled Conversation between China and Africa to China Daily. The painting portrayed friendship between the two peoples.

"Li is bold in choosing color and depicting characters. Also the profound meaning of this painting makes it hard for audiences to believe it's from a Chinese farmer," Wang said.

Li said the idea for the painting came from watching the news on TV. "It was so exciting to know there are a number of people who enjoy my painting."

Zheng Yiming, the head of Dongfeng county, said: "Before painting, a farmer can make around $50 a month. By selling paintings, his incomes can reach about $410."

"Some farmers' paintings are not as sophisticated as the artwork from professional painters, but they portray real life," said Zheng. "People are big fans of the 'real' in today's society."

According to Zheng, in Dongfeng County, there are about 50,000 farmers trained in art.

Dan Tuohy, a retired UN employee said he enjoyed the exhibition. "They (the paintings) are very easy to identify with, and very colorful. I can see the Chinese culture in those paintings," he said.


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