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China strives to reach emission goal

[2010-12-07 14:35]

China is trying to reach its emission reduction goal, said the head of the Chinese delegation at the ongoing United Nations climate change conference held in Mexican city Cancun on Monday.

China is improving energy efficiency: Experts

[2010-12-07 13:42]

China is responding to climate change on numerous fronts, including improving its energy efficiency and adopting a "low carbon" energy strategy, Chinese environment experts said in Mexicancity Cancun on Monday.

Clean energy chiefs target US windfall

[2010-12-07 11:01]

A group of business leaders from renewable energy companies will visit the United States, on a fact-finding trip, in the first half of 2011, a US commerce official said on Monday.

Chinese renewable energy firms encouraged to invest in US

[2010-12-07 09:39]

A senior official of China's National Energy Administration (NEA) encouraged Chinese firms to invest in the renewable energy market of the United States to boost their competitiveness in the international market.

Energy-saving plans help firms address emission challenges

[2010-12-06 15:29]

As the world's largest solar panel manufacturer, Suntech targeted manufacturing products with total capacity reaching 1,500 megawatts this year, said Zhang Jianmin, a press official with the company.

Carbon capture, storage a global duty

[2010-12-06 14:11]

It is widely accepted that China is the engine for worldwide economic recovery. But as the country continues to post staggering economic growth figures, its hunger for the commodity without which no engine can function - fuel - is becoming ever more apparent.

China's green growth

[2010-12-06 14:11]

High hopes have been pinned on Chinese consumers, whose potential purchasing power is deemed crucial to future global economic growth, even as many of their counterparts in rich countries are now busy reducing spending and paying off debts.

China's Shougang halts operations in Beijing

[2010-12-06 14:10]

China's major steelmaker Shougang said it plans to halt its main steelmaking operations in the Shijingshan district of Beijing by Dec 31.

China not to follow energy-intensive development model

[2010-12-06 09:54]

Committed to curbing global warming, China will not follow the old energy-intensive economic development model of developed nations, a Chinese energy expert said.

Cancun data highlights global warming

[2010-12-06 07:17]

CANCUN, Mexico - A series of figures released on the sidelines of the ongoing Cancun climate talks highlight the serious impact of climate change on people, cities and countries all over the world.

'No compromise on principles'

[2010-12-06 07:13]

CANCUN, Mexico - China will not give in on matters of principle, Su Wei, China's chief climate change negotiator, said over the weekend.

China won't compromise on principle: chief negotiator

[2010-12-05 08:05]

China will not compromise on issues of principle at the ongoing UN climate change conference in Cancun, Mexico, the country's chief negotiator said on Saturday.

Wrestling over Kyoto Protocol heats up at Cancun

[2010-12-05 07:50]

At the end of the first week of the ongoing UN climate change conference in the Mexican resort city of Cancun, it seems that the wrestling over the second period of the Kyoto Protocol is heating up.

Europe aids clean air campaign

[2010-12-04 09:52]

The Ministry of Finance signed a second climate-change framework loan with the European Investment Bank (EIB) on Friday, borrowing 500 million euros ($663 million) for projects supporting climate-change mitigation.

Developed nations urged to share experience in cutting emissions

[2010-12-03 16:38]

Former French prime minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin said on Dec 3 that developed countries should share their experience and technologies in reducing greenhouse gas emissions with developing countries.

China to further boost solar energy application

[2010-12-03 11:13]

China's four central government departments said on Thursday the country will further boost solar energy use.

Tibet power grid to link with national network in 2012

[2010-12-03 10:08]

A multi-billion dollar project to connect the power grid in Tibet to the one in the rest of China will be completed by 2012, ensuring a steady supply of electricity to the plateau region.

Bright prospects for solar industry

[2010-12-03 09:15]

China is ready for the large-scale application of solar power generation which is set to grow at an annual rate of 1 gigawatt (gW) after 2012, the Ministry of Finance said on its website on Thursday.

Arduous works ahead to cut gas emission

[2010-12-02 09:51]

China and the United States face "arduous works ahead" in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, a leading Chinese energy expert said.

Stop blaming each other, youth group tells negotiators

[2010-12-02 09:37]

As negotiations continue at the UN climate change conference, a group of youths from China and the United States have sent a clear and firm message to the delegates: Stop blaming and start trusting each other.