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IBC Solar opens Beijing office

[2011-04-12 10:50]

The German photovoltaics specialist IBC Solar, the world's biggest solutions provider for solar-generated power by sales revenue and turnover, made its entry in the Chinese market by officially establishing an office in Beijing on Monday.

Huge opportunity in China's clean energy market

[2011-04-11 11:16]

China's clean energy market offers huge business opportunities, experts said at the Harvard China Forum Saturday.

China drafting new rules for small wind farm projects

[2011-04-11 09:56]

China's National Energy Bureau is drafting new regulations to standardize the examination and approval of small wind farm projects, industry sources said.

Inner Mongolia takes lead in wind power

[2011-04-11 09:52]

Inner Mongolia autonomous region in North China has become the country's first province-level region to have over 10GW of wind turbines installed and connected to the power grid.

New energy industries to fuel China's green growth

[2011-04-11 09:12]

With China's ambitious plans to cut carbon emissions for a greener economy during the 12th five-year plan period from 2011 to 2015, new energy industries are becoming even more significant than in the past.

Two firms win UN green-energy contract

[2011-04-06 13:41]

Suntech Power Holdings Co Ltd and Peak International Trade (Tianjin) Co Ltd, have won a $81 million contract to provide portable solar power systems to UN peacekeeping missions.

New energy sector eyeing development

[2011-04-04 16:10]

As a new carbon tax sets China's aviation industry fidgeting over projected losses, Fu Pengcheng, a Chinese biofuel expert, is feeling the pressure.

Solar power plant built in Tibet

[2011-03-31 16:37]

Solar panels are set in Xigaze in the Tibet autonomous region, March 30, 2011.

China's top wind power region to have 13 gW capacity

[2011-03-30 17:35]

Installed wind power capacity in Inner Mongolia, China's leading builder of wind farms by region, will top 13 gigawatts (gW) by the end of this year, Reuters reported Wednesday, citing an executive with local power grid firm.

China releases green goals for 2011

[2011-03-30 14:46]

China's resource conservation and environmental protection goals for 2011 were released by the National Development and Reform Commission on Tuesday, and related regulations are likely to be announced soon, the Shanghai Securities Times reported.

System to assess govt food safety supervision

[2011-03-30 14:22]

China vows to strengthen its regulation of food quality to eliminate concerns over food safety and to adopt a system to assess the efficiency of the quality supervision and inspections undertaken by local governments.

China may double solar goal after Japan nuclear leak

[2011-03-30 11:20]

China may double its target for photovoltaic power capacity over the next five years in the wake of Japan's nuclear crisis, Reuters reported, citing a China Securities Journal report.

China comes in first in clean-energy investment

[2011-03-29 16:05]

China came in first and Germany second in clean-energy investment last year, while the United States fell one spot to third place, a report said on Tuesday.

'Time to clean up rural area pollution'

[2011-03-29 13:24]

The program to reduce pollution between 2011 and 2015 will include emission targets for rural areas, Li Ganjie, vice-minister of environmental protection, said on Monday.

Green light for hard targets

[2011-03-28 16:22]

Five-year plans (FYPs), which set down and clarify national strategy, are one of China's most important policy tools. They will play a pivotal role in putting the country on a green development path.

MIIT announces to develop smart grid and UHV

[2011-03-28 13:33]

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) will push three initiatives to develop environmentally-friendly energy equipment industry.

China announces carbon emission targets for 2011

[2011-03-28 11:23]

China on Monday unveiled its targets for carbon emission and energy intensity cuts in industrial production for 2011 as it looks to developing a greener economy.

It's waste not, want not in trash management

[2011-03-25 11:25]

Investors are likely to cash in on trash over the next five years as the Chinese government has laid out an ambitious plan to boost the country's waste management sector, which analysts said may benefit related stocks on the A-share market.

China seen retaining enthusiasm for Husab uranium resources

[2011-03-25 11:15]

Extract Resources Ltd expects China will remain keen to expand its nuclear power program and gain access to the explorer's Husab uranium project in Namibia after an earthquake and tsunami damaged reactors in Japan.

China to speed up shale gas development

[2011-03-25 09:28]

China aims to make major technological breakthroughs in developing shale gas to optimize the nation's energy structure, the nation's top energy official said on Thursday.