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'Joint effort' urged to clear the air

[2013-01-30 04:12]

Thick smog and haze shrouded large areas of China on Tuesday for the fourth time this month, again provoking heated discussions.

Advisers call for regional efforts to reduce emissions

[2013-01-29 03:35]

Hebei province's political advisory body is urging authorities in the region to implement stricter, more coordinated policies to cut emissions and control the worsening air quality in northern China.

Pollution top for new Beijing leaders

[2013-01-29 03:35]

Lawmakers and advisers renewed calls to tackle environmental and traffic issues, both major sources of public concern, as Beijing elected new leadership.
Air quality a hot topic in Shanghai

China issues first greenhouse gas bulletin

[2013-01-15 21:20]

Greenhouse gas emissions in China in 2011 increased to their highest level since data began being collected by network stations in 1990, according to China's first Greenhouse Gas Bulletin.

China generates more power from clean energy

[2013-01-15 17:19]

China saw its electricity generated from clean energy resources rose 28.5 percent year-on-year in 2012, reducing its reliance on fossil fuels.

Green sector buoys Chinese stocks

[2013-01-15 13:43]

Shares in firms engaging in business related to environmental protection boosted Chinese stocks on Tuesday.

Brown skies obscure 'beautiful China' ambitions

[2013-01-15 13:34]

A country with a brown sky and hazardous air is obviously not beautiful.

Is wind power running out of puff?

[2013-01-15 07:49]

China's new-energy sector is facing an uncertain future after the US imposed swingeing import tariffs and demand for equipment dwindles.

Pollution may make the economy stumble

[2013-01-15 03:28]

As a number of cities try to clear the air, experts warn that the pollution and emergency responses to reduce it could damage the economy and tourism.

China aims at becoming full IRENA member

[2013-01-14 14:04]

China announced Sunday that it aims at becoming a full member of International Renewable Energy Agency in 2013, a move which was widely welcomed.

Solar industry face export challenges

[2013-01-14 08:15]

The solar trade disputes between China and Europe triggered increasing attention globally in 2012 and will continue to bring deep changes to the industry.

Official stresses safety in nuclear power development

[2013-01-13 22:58]

State Councilor Liu Yandong on Sunday stressed supervision and management efforts to ensure the "absolute safety" of a new nuclear power plant in East China's coastal city of Rongcheng.

Fog, haze lead to big spike in pollution levels

[2013-01-12 03:00]

Thick fog and haze shrouded central and northern parts of China on Friday, with Hebei and Henan provinces among the most polluted areas, monitoring data showed.

China to rely more on renewable energy

[2013-01-09 14:42]

China will boost its support of new energy and renewable energy in 2013 through the development of hydropower, wind power and distributed photovoltaic power generation.

China building nuke plant with fourth-generation features

[2013-01-06 16:35]

China has broken ground on a 3 billion-yuan nuclear power project that will be the first to put a reactor with fourth-generation features into commercial use.

Grid gets first jolt of residential solar power

[2012-12-27 09:50]

A residential photovoltaic system in Qingdao has been connected to China's State electrical grid for the first time.

Coal ash  offers environmental benefits

[2012-12-26 17:39]

Recycling coal ash into building materials is one way Shanxi is trying to cope with the 120 million tons of toxic dump.

Nuclear program will bring more power

[2012-12-24 07:39]

China's nuclear program is getting back on track after the country suspended approval of new nuke power projects.

New energy car below expectations

[2012-12-22 10:54]

The development of China's new energy vehicle market is falling short of the government's expectations, according to a report.

Solar sector to get jolt from new policies

[2012-12-20 10:52]

The government is working to improve China's photovoltaic solar industry by encouraging distributed power generation.