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Plan targets polluted water

[2010-11-06 13:09]

The inclusion of a key anti-pollution task in China's 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-2015) is part of a concerted effort to deal with the problem of worsening marine pollution.

Beijing tops China in green development

[2010-11-05 14:16]

China issued its first green development level report Thursday. Eastern provinces got higher ranks than western and central regions, while Beijing topped the list, China Environment News reported.

Climate change 'takes toll' on grain harvest

[2010-11-05 13:59]

Climate change will trigger a drop in China's grain harvest over the next few decades and threaten food security, Tang Huajun, deputy dean of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, warns. He also said a 5 to 10 percent crop loss is foreseeable by 2030 if climate change continues.

China should choose low-carbon urbanization

[2010-11-05 13:36]

China should choose a low-carbon way in pursuit of urbanization, said an expert at a climate change conference in Hong Kong on Thursday.

Vehicle emission major source of air pollution

[2010-11-04 22:30]

Emissions from motor vehicles have become the major source of air pollution in China's large and medium sized cities, according to a report issued Thursday by the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

Jiuquan wind power base completes first stage

[2010-11-04 13:40]

China has completed building the first-stage of Jiuquan wind power base, the country's largest wind power project, in Northwest China, local officials said at the ceremony to mark the completion Wednesday.

Green legacy sprouts in Shanghai

[2010-11-04 08:36]

Although the curtain has fallen on the Expo, for Sun Jiwei, chief of the Jiading district in Shanghai, it actually marks a new beginning for China's urban development with its legacies on sustainability.

'Many areas' for Sino-US green cooperation

[2010-11-03 07:48]

China and the United States should team up in clean-energy development to boost energy conservation and environmental protection, analysts have said.

China, France likely to sign nuclear, aviation deals

[2010-10-29 13:50]

China and France expect to sign a number of cooperative documents in civilian nuclear energy and aviation, Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Fu Ying said in Beijing on Thursday.

China solar energy firm to set up joint venture in India

[2010-10-28 17:35]

A solar water heater producer, China Himin Solar Co, Ltd, plans to launch a joint venture manufacturing plant in India, said Huang Ming, chairman of the Chinese company, on Thursday at on-going Delhi International Renewable Energy Conference 2010.

China calls for world's co-op on renewable energy

[2010-10-28 13:31]

It's the common responsibility of all countries to develop renewable energy and countries shall work together to attain genuine development of renewable energy so as to combat climate change, Liu Qi, vice-chairman of the National Energy Administration (NEA) said Wednesday.

PetroChina sees profit up 23% by Q3

[2010-10-28 10:42]

PetroChina Company Limited (PetroChina), China's largest oil and gas producer, reported Wednesday that net profits surged 23 percent year on year in the first nine months.

CDB to finance China Three Gorges Co $11b

[2010-10-27 16:35]

China Development Bank (CDB) will offer China Three Gorges Corporation (CTGC) more than $11 billion in financial support over the next five years, said the bank on Wednesday.

Coal-powered energy consumption to decrease in Q4: NEA

[2010-10-27 14:11]

China's demand for coal-powered energy is expected to drop in the fourth quarter. But China's energy authorities say diesel and petrol consumption will remain high.

China to auction 6 shale gas blocks by early Nov

[2010-10-27 11:35]

China will hold an auction for six shale gas exploration blocks by early November, Reuters reported on Wednesday, citing a government official.

Water level mark at dam reaches height of success

[2010-10-27 09:33]

Water rose to the maximum level at the Three Gorges Dam on Tuesday, driving electricity output to capacity at the world's largest hydropower plant for the first time since it began operating two years ago, its operator said.

Car tax law part of drive to promote clean energy

[2010-10-26 13:48]

A new tax law, to encourage the use of smaller engines in vehicles and vessels to reduce pollution and oil dependence, is under consideration.

Starwood looks to clean up in green energy industry

[2010-10-26 11:18]

Robert F. Kennedy Jr, environmental advocate and senior adviser to Starwood Energy Group, said on Monday that the group is exploring investment opportunities in the Chinese utility-scale renewable generation industry in the booming green sector.

Jail for sewage sludge polluter

[2010-10-25 15:17]

A polluter was handed a prison term on Friday in the capital's most serious environmental protection case to date.

Top legislature reviews clean-energy vehicle tax bill

[2010-10-25 14:28]

China's top legislature Monday began reviewing for the first time a draft law on vehicle and vessel taxation, as a bimonthly legislative session began.