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Beijing targets capital's suburban smog

[2013-03-29 07:09]

The Beijing municipal government has put the environment at the top of its work agenda this year, launching a campaign to tackle pollution, especially in the suburbs.

Cloud of slower growth has green lining

[2013-03-27 07:43]

Now that the country can tolerate slower growth and has completed its once-a-decade leadership shuffle, China has an opportunity to promote a greener development.

Oceans key to national ecological strategy

[2013-03-27 07:43]

When former Chinese President Hu Jintao announced a plan to build a more beautiful China, caring for the nation's 3 million square kilometers of marine territory was no small part.

Sino-Singapore R&D collaboration program launched for Tianjin Eco-city

[2013-03-26 10:59]

Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city Administrative Committee and Singapore's Ministry of National Development inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for a research and development collaboration program.

China to build unified low-carbon certification system

[2013-03-21 09:50]

China will build a unified certification system for low-carbon products as part of its efforts to boost the consumption of green goods, according to the country's top economic planner.

Coastal waters face increasing pollution

[2013-03-21 01:46]

Increasing stretches of China's coastal waters were seriously polluted in 2012, mainly from excessive polluting discharges from land.

A new environment for fighting pollution

[2013-03-19 07:31]

Air quality was one of the hottest topics amid threat of multiple diseases.

Promise of iron fist against pollution

[2013-03-18 02:38]

Premier Li Keqiang vowed on Sunday to use an "iron fist" to tackle China's pollution and food safety problems.

Team effort gives Urumqi blue skies

[2013-03-14 23:53]

Four former mayors of Urumqi said improved air quality is the result of efforts by a series of city administrators and requires different measures to deal with the changing sources of pollutants.

Beijing pollution fight 'greater than for Olympics'

[2013-03-13 06:47]

A leading figure of the Beijing Olympics said the capital is doing more to ensure blue skies than it did for the historic event.

China's forestry developments in 2012

[2013-03-12 13:28]

China's National Afforestation Committee released a bulletin showcasing developments in the forestry sector in 2012.

Advisory body sets sights on pollution

[2013-03-12 07:50]

About one-tenth of the roughly 5,000 proposals submitted to the country's top political advisory body since the two sessions began on March 3 are related to environmental protection, a top national political adviser has said.

CEO optimistic about solar-power outlook

[2013-03-12 05:41]

China's troubled solar-panel manufacturing industry should see light at the end of the tunnel as early as this year, the CEO of a major panel manufacturer said.

Tree Planting Day promoted nationwide

[2013-03-11 13:46]

As Tree Planting Day is drawing near, people advocate tree preservation nationwide.

Natural gas sparks emission hopes

[2013-03-11 05:56]

More cars in China are converting to natural gas, yet current market conditions are a barrier to widespread use.

Heavy sandstorm hits Beijing

[2013-03-09 13:52]

Strong winds dispersed Beijing's lingering haze, but ushered in dust storms and a sharp temperature drop on Saturday.

China to monitor groundwater pollution in breadbasket

[2013-03-09 11:22]

China is aiming to form a network by the end of 2015 to monitor and detect the sources of pollution in groundwater in the North China Plain.

China urges EU to properly handle solar panel friction

[2013-03-08 14:40]

Chinese Commerce Minister Chen Deming Friday urged politicians and entrepreneurs of the European Union to properly handle the solar panel friction with China to avoid greater losses for both sides.

Shanxi aims for transformation

[2013-03-08 10:48]

Shanxi province, China's energy base, aims to transform its traditional coal industry amid mounting pressure from environmental protection and ecological restoration, top officials said on Thursday.

Official denies dam projects on Nujiang River

[2013-03-08 09:28]

Communist Party of China (CPC) chief of southwest China's Yunnan province Qin Guangrong said Thursday that no hydropower development projects have been launched on the Nujiang River, denying speculation that the river may be dammed.