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Water project tests industrial development

[2014-06-21 14:11]

Lin Chuntian's livelihood has been cast into doubt since his village was relocated uphill to make way for an expanding reservoir designed to feed China's south-to-north water diversion project.

Profit on horizon for Yingli Green

[2014-06-19 07:10]

Investors tied to solar power may expect big gains in the stock of Yingli Green Energy, as the world's largest solar-panel maker and supplier said it expected a profit for the current quarter after an industry shakeout and cost reductions.

China, Britain vow to jointly combat climate change

[2014-06-18 15:48]

China and Britain agreed on Tuesday to deepen their cooperation in fighting climate change during a visit by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang to the European country.

China to accelerate nuclear power development

[2014-06-17 11:02]

China still relies too heavily on coal for power, with nuclear power seen as the route to an optimized energy structure and cleaner growth.

China mulls $321 billion to treat water pollution

[2014-06-11 15:33]

China's State Council, the cabinet, is weighing a 2 trillion yuan ($321 billion) action plan to prevent and control water pollution, the China Business News reported on Wednesday.

Coal hub considered for North China

[2014-03-13 08:27]

Energy officials in North China's Shanxi province are considering creating a coal chemical base to turn the fossil fuel into clean energy.

Doubts linger over warning system for smog

[2014-03-12 08:29]

Questions are raised over the color-coded alerts that local authorities have issued to signal the level of air pollutions.

Tree planting boosts China's green drive

[2014-03-11 21:47]

Tree planting has helped China's greening efforts as volunteers planted 2.52 billion saplings across the country in 2013, a report showed on Tuesday.

UNEP recognizes China's Chongming Island as green economy model

[2014-03-11 17:42]

China's experiment in developing a green economy on Chongming Island in east China's Shanghai has been recognized by the United Nations Environment Program.

Big change needed to tackle smog

[2014-03-11 15:29]

When we cannot escape from smog, we face it head on and overcome it. But the plan will require two transformations, one micro and one macro.

Xuzhou, an example for economic transition

[2014-03-11 13:17]

Following an economic transformation, however, Xuzhou has become a "garden city" with a greener economic base.

Green outlook trumps economic growth in Tibet

[2014-03-11 01:36]

Protecting the environment is a tradition for local people, and the government is willing to sacrifice development in exchange for "preserving verdant hills and green waters", according to the chairman of the Tibet autonomous region.

Big cities fail to meet air standards

[2014-03-09 07:50]

Only three of China's 74 major cities met national air-quality standards last year, a senior official said on Saturday.

China spends big on environment

[2014-03-08 18:33]

Total expenditure on environmental protection reached $163.2b in 2013, with another $816b earmarked for the emerging sector until 2015.

China uses drones to check pollution: official

[2014-03-08 14:31]

China is using drones to inspect heavily polluted areas for illicit pollution emissions, Deputy Minister of Environmental Protection Zhai Qing said on Friday.

Legislator praised for anti-pollution efforts

[2014-03-07 07:20]

A legislator from Shandong province has been hailed for his persistence over the past five years to push for new regulations to tackle air pollution.

Home buyers favor vacation spots due to smog

[2014-03-07 01:40]

Warm climate, mountains, beaches and fresh air have made Hainan and Yunnan popular destinations for those looking for second property.

Tech needed to improve air

[2014-03-07 01:13]

Legislators have called for advanced technologies to be used in battling air pollution, with China will test a cutting-edge drone designed to clear smog.

Jilin makes fight against smog a top priority

[2014-03-06 21:01]

Delegates from Jilin province attending the ongoing annual session of the National People's Congress said on Thursday that smog prevention should be a top priority.

Rustbelt province aims high to curb pollution

[2014-03-05 22:27]

Northeast China's Liaoning province will continue to invest heavily to conserve its once heavily polluted environment.