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China to impose rare earth resource tax from April 1

[2011-03-24 17:51]

China will impose a tax on rare earth minerals starting April 1, according to a statement issued jointly by the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation to rare earth producers.

Nuclear plant to be built in Shandong

[2011-03-24 14:06]

China will start building a nuclear power plant next month using fourth-generation technology that may be less susceptible to meltdown than Japan's damaged Fukushima Daiichi plant.

Guangdong Nuclear may cut bid for Kalahari

[2011-03-24 10:59]

State-owned China Guangdong Nuclear Power (CGNPC) may cut its proposed 756 million pound ($1.2 billion) offer for uranium miner Kalahari Minerals in light of Japan's nuclear crisis, a CGNPC official said on Wednesday.

China's low-carbon economy faces pressure from global trading mode

[2011-03-24 09:18]

China's development of low-carbon economy faces pressure from the imbalanced global trading mode, according to an academic report released on Tuesday. 

Debate: Nuclear energy

[2011-03-23 15:41]

Is nuclear energy clean and safe? A scholar swears it is, while another says we should think twice.

Nuclear power standards come under scrutiny

[2011-03-22 10:58]

China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group Co, the majority owner of the Daya Bay plant near Hong Kong, is conducting safety checks on its power stations, including those under construction, following the Japan nuclear crisis.

China to increase subsidy for high-efficiency motors

[2011-03-21 17:43]

The Chinese government decided to inject more subsidies to the high-efficiency electric motor industry in a bid to popularize the device throughout the country, Shanghai Securities News reported Monday.

Low-carbon programs foster links with EU

[2011-03-17 11:08]

The green goals in China's new five-year plan present opportunities for European and Chinese businesses.

Goldwind aims to blow away competition

[2011-03-17 09:59]

Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology Co Ltd, a manufacturer of wind turbines, expects to reap benefits when Chinese independent power producers (IPPs) gain exposure to the growth in wind power in the domestic and overseas markets.

The future's looking bright for Suntech

[2011-03-17 09:47]

Suntech Power Holdings Co Ltd, based in Wuxi, Jaingsu province, one of the world's largest makers of solar panels, has its US headquarters in San Francisco in the state where most customers of the renewable-energy industry are based.

Charging network for electric vehicles expanded in HK

[2011-03-16 11:26]

The charging network for electric vehicles (EVs) has been expanded to cover all 18 districts in Hong Kong, said Hong Kong's Financial Secretary at an EV publicity event Tuesday.

Energy development plan to be fixed by March

[2011-03-14 15:16]

China's energy development strategy for the 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-2015) will focus on a structural adjustment of its energy resources.

Miao: 100b yuan boost to alternatives

[2011-03-14 13:32]

The central government will spend 100 billion yuan ($14.87 billion) over the next decade to support development of new energy and energy-saving vehicles in China, according to Miao Wei, head of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

China to further cut emissions of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides

[2011-03-12 16:02]

China will continue to lower the emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, major pollutants from coal burning, this year on the basis of 2010, Vice-minister of Environmental Protection Zhang Lijun said Saturday.

Beijing to tighten vehicle emission standards

[2011-03-12 15:23]

Beijing will apply a stricter emission standard for the city's five million motor vehicles next year to reduce automobile exhaust, the biggest source of air pollution in the Chinese capital, an environmental official said Saturday.

BYD to inaugurate electric buses in Denmark

[2011-03-11 10:50]

China's electric vehicle maker BYD Automobile Co Ltd is set to trial a full-size, all-electric bus in the Danish capital Copenhagen, according to a news release issued by Denmark's biggest public transport operator Movia and Denmark's Ministry of Foreign affairs Thursday.

Lowering growth target a 'smart move'

[2011-03-10 13:54]

China is undegoing a complex structural transition, and the lowering of its economic growth target in the next five years is a "smart move," Nobel Economist Michael Spence told Xinhua Tuesday.

China 'cautious' about hydropower projects on Nu River

[2011-03-09 16:47]

China has been extremely cautious about building hydropower projects on the Nu River, or the Salween, in the southwestern Yunnan province, Yunnan's Party chief Bai Enpei said Wednesday.

Rivers turn green as world's jeans capital fights pollution

[2011-03-08 15:42]

Having turned four black rivers green, Xintang is making obvious progress in reducing dye pollution in its rivers despite annually producing 260 million jeans.

China announces clean energy plans for next five years

[2011-03-05 09:19]

China on Saturday announced goals of building 235 million kilowatts of power generation capacity from clean energy forms in the next five years, in an effort to trim the country's heavy reliance on fossil fuels.