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Nation's push for clean energy commended

[2012-11-26 08:01]

China has made extraordinary strides to create and use various forms of alternative energy, particularly hydropower, solar and nuclear power.

Clean-energy-generated power usage rises

[2012-11-24 13:53]

Consumption of clean-energy-generated electricity has increased in China as it looks to become less reliant on fossil fuels.

Making a market for carbon 'commodity'

[2012-11-23 07:49]

A cap-and-trade system that combines policy and market forces can be adopted as an innovative approach to address the global warming challenge.

Nuclear sector ready for rebound

[2012-11-23 07:49]

China's nuclear power industry is poised to get back on track now that the government has lifted a moratorium on new nuclear projects.

Photovoltaic spotlight turns to domestic market

[2012-11-23 07:49]

As China's photovoltaic solar industry hits increasing obstacles in foreign countries, many solar companies are eyeing the domestic market.

Potential huge for China to go 'green'

[2012-11-23 07:49]

The pressure to ensure the supply of energy is increasing for China and so is the pressure to deal with the associated environment issues.

China using more clean energy: report

[2012-11-22 10:49]

A NDRC report said that clean energy, including natural gas and hydroelectricity, accounts for a bigger proportion of China's growing energy consumption.

Green development path

[2012-11-22 08:07]

Low-carbon and green development is the way forward for China.

Greener path to health and harmony

[2012-11-22 08:07]

The 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has emphasized that China must establish an ecological civilization by incorporating it into the country's economic, political, cultural, and social advancement. This will further enrich the Scientific Outlook on Development and meet the intrinsic requirements for the development of socialism with Chinese characteristics, signifying that China's modernization transition has officially entered a new phase in its bid to build an all-round well-off society.

Leading role to fight climate change

[2012-11-22 00:34]

China's top climate-change official expressed the nation's readiness on Wednesday to play an active and constructive role to combat global warming.

Loess Plateau benefits from green drive

[2012-11-16 20:10]

"Here there were barren hills, but see how it is flourishing now!" Niu said of the hills now dotted with plants and the land to the west checkered with brown poplars and lush forest.

Wuhan to become smart city by 2020

[2012-11-16 11:11]

Wuhan, capital of Central China's Hubei province, aims to become a leading city in terms of applying technology to improve the lives of its citizens.

Intl community praises China's green emphasis

[2012-11-16 11:01]

The international community has spoken highly of China's move to give ecological progress a more prominent position.

Smart city: opportunity and challenge

[2012-11-15 10:20]

China's urbanization and Chinese cities' eagerness to "go smart" could mean great business opportunities for enterprises.

EU puts airline emissions rule on hold

[2012-11-14 09:06]

China welcomed a European Union decision not to immediately charge airlines that use airports within EU borders for their carbon emissions.

Green is new color of beauty

[2012-11-14 02:51]

Green progress, which President Hu emphasized in his report to the 18th Party Congress, has remained one of the hot topics in the past few days.

Maritime power to protect ecology

[2012-11-14 02:22]

China's newly proposed strategy to build a "maritime power" will not lead to marine hegemony, analysts said as the country is engaged in heated discussion of the leadership's call to develop the marine economy.

EU scraps aircraft emission tax

[2012-11-13 13:52]

The European Union has moved in the right direction by ending its insistence that all airlines using its airports must pay for their emissions.

China builds tower-type solar-thermal power station

[2012-11-13 00:28]

The first megawatt-level tower-type solar-thermal power station in Asia has been built in northwest Beijing, chief of the program said on Monday.

Green economy urged amid restructuring

[2012-11-10 10:08]

A new industrial and technological revolution is taking place as China faces growing resource and environment constraints.