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China's renewable energy has great potential: Report

[2010-11-23 10:39]

A climate change report published Monday in China highlighted the fact that the country's great potential lies in renewable energy.

China encourages fair play in developing green economy

[2010-11-23 10:16]

China will provide fair treatment to all firms -- both foreign-funded and domestic -- in developing its green economy, a senior Ministry of Commerce (MOC) official reiterated Monday.

China presses for cleaner production

[2010-11-23 10:02]

Cleaner-production projects will get priority in market access, which is in line with the China's efforts to cut carbon emissions and reduce energy consumption, a senior official said on Monday.

China pushes to develop green economy

[2010-11-23 09:41]

China invested a total of 2 trillion yuan ($301 billion) in plans to save energy and reduce emissions during the 11th Five-Year Plan (2005-2010).

Expert recommends early start to China's carbon trading

[2010-11-18 13:29]

A world leading meteorologist said Wednesday that it's in China's long-term interests to develop its domestic carbon-trading market.

Green is the theme at hi-tech fair

[2010-11-17 13:42]

This year's China Hi-Tech Fair (CHTF), which kicked off on Nov 16 and will go until Nov 21, is seeing companies focus more on exhibiting environment-friendly technologies as China steps up efforts to promote a “low-carbon” economy and encourage green innovations.

New energies to lead copper growth

[2010-11-16 09:25]

New-energy-related industries will be the main contributor to growth in copper consumption during the next five years, according to the International Copper Association.

China spurs development of new, green technologies

[2010-11-15 16:47]

With its fast urbanization and unequivocal commitment to a low-carbon economy, China has a major role to play in the international race toward a "green" society and is helping to drive the development of new technologies and products to meet the growing demand for ecological solutions.

Batteries still drag 'green vehicle' effort

[2010-11-15 07:54]

After 100 years, efficient power storage remains hurdle for electric cars

Experts mull green challenge

[2010-11-13 11:36]

Concrete action along with setting realistic goals and the rethinking of shared but differentiated responsibilities are ways to push forward progress in the coming climate change negotiations in Cancun, Mexico, experts said.

PV cells will be common for Chinese families in 3 to 5 years

[2010-11-12 15:48]

Jiangsu Zhongneng Polysilicon Technology Development Co Ltd, China's top polysilicon producer, said it has reduced the cost of polysilicon, the main raw material for wafers used in solar and electronics industries, to almost one-quarter of the world's average price.

Shantou zone creates buzz in electric vehicle industry

[2010-11-12 10:15]

The country's first experimental zone for electric vehicles in Shantou is playing a pivotal role in boosting China's green automobile industry.

ADB extends loan to for natural gas usage

[2010-11-10 14:28]

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is extending a loan worth $200 million to China to develop the country's natural gas distribution infrastructure and promote renewable energy use. 

Nuclear firms to seek listing

[2010-11-10 11:01]

China's three major nuclear power companies have all embarked on their listing plans as the country sees accelerated growth in the development of the clean energy, said industry sources.

Global Green Growth conference in Copenhagen

[2010-11-08 15:03]

Prominent decision-makers from Europe, Asia and the Americas convened to canvass on developing and financing green solutions for the future during the two-day Global Green Growth 2010 conference, which opened in Copenhagen on Sunday. 

Summit awards young environmentalist in HK

[2010-11-08 14:46]

The "Get It Green" competition that aims to engage the youth of Hong Kong on climate change and low carbon living, showcased the 13 winners on Sunday.

EU backs bid to cut emissions

[2010-11-08 07:00]

The European Union (EU) is working with China on arrangements for a pilot scheme on carbon trading in the world's biggest developing country

Bloomberg applauds China's green efforts

[2010-11-06 17:43]

New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg said he's heartened that some mayors in China are becoming interested in environment issues.

Shenzhen to have 35,000 EVs on road in 3 yrs

[2010-11-06 16:56]

Shenzhen plans to have 35,000 electric cars on its road within 3 years, the city's vice-mayor Tang Jie said on Friday.

Barbecue lovers skewered

[2010-11-06 13:54]

Lovers of barbecue food are feeling a little hungry as major barbecue venues in Guangzhou have been closed to ensure good air quality for the upcoming 2010 Asian Games and Asian Para Games.