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China's Sept power consumption down 12%

[2010-10-25 14:14]

China's power consumption in September fell 12 percent month-on-month to 349.8 billion kilowatt-hours (kWh), the National Energy Administration (NEA) said Monday.

Silver Lake invests in Chinese clean tech firm

[2010-10-22 17:10]

Private equity firm Silver Lake has invested in a Chinese energy efficiency firm Nobao Renewable Energy Holdings, seizing growth opportunities in China's booming green sector.

China's 1st solar thermal power project starts bidding

[2010-10-21 17:50]

China's first solar thermal power plant began soliciting tenders on Wednesday as the country's efforts to diversify its clean energy sources gathered pace.

Clean energy probe equals 'protectionism'

[2010-10-20 13:41]

Chinese industrial companies and associations are strongly opposed to the announcement by the United States to probe China's clean energy sector, claiming that the move is typical "trade protectionism".

Xilin Gol League plans power boost

[2010-10-20 11:09]

Inner Mongolia autonomous region's Xilin Gol League, which has the richest brown coal reserves in China, plans to build 24 large-scale coal mines and eight clusters of coal-fired power plants during the 12th Five-Year-Plan (2011-2015), the local government said.

China becomes global leader in clean energy: study

[2010-10-20 11:01]

China has become a leader in clean energy efforts, outstripping the United States and Japan, and leaving Australia lagging far behind, a study commissioned by the Australia's Climate Institute showed on Tuesday.

Unconventional gas demand set to soar by 2020

[2010-10-19 09:52]

China, which now relies on coal for around 70 percent of its energy use, will see rapid growth in the consumption of unconventional gas including coalbed methane, shale gas and flammable gas in the next decade, a senior expert said on Monday.

US move against China's clean energy setor rapped

[2010-10-18 09:17]

China hit back on Sunday at US plans to investigate its clean energy policies, calling the move "groundless and irresponsible".

China's water resources imbalances to aggravate

[2010-10-08 15:30]

China's water resources imbalances between the north and south may worsen due to global climate changes and economic activities, said Vice-minister of Water Resources Hu Siyi.

China gives to small countries

[2010-10-08 14:25]

China has no intention of competing with countries facing urgent climate change needs for the fast start fund, said Xie Zhenhua, China's top climate official.

China: climate change talks should be fair

[2010-10-08 14:02]

Using the Copenhagen Accord to counter multilateral protocols under the United Nations' framework during future climate negotiations is thoroughly unacceptable, according to China's top climate official.

Sino-US clean energy co-op 'win-win'

[2010-10-08 09:29]

Clean energy cooperation with China will not result in job losses in the United States, according to a report released Wednesday by the international advisory firm Garten Rothkopf.

Finance plan critical to fight global warming

[2010-10-06 09:49]

China hopes a "clarified, detailed and feasible" arrangement of fast-start climate finance will be finalized at the coming United Nations Climate Change Conference in Mexico, said Su Wei, the country's chief climate negotiator.

China applauded for determination in climate talks

[2010-10-05 11:30]

The United Nations' chief climate change negotiator applauded China on Monday for its efforts in dealing with the challenge of climate change, saying she was impressed by the determination of the Chinese people and their government.

China on target to achieve green goals

[2010-10-05 10:27]

China needs to cut its energy consumption per unit of GDP by 5 percent this year and the target is "within reach", China's top climate official said on Monday.

Wind in sails of green energy

[2010-10-05 10:06]

China's commitment to develop one of the world's largest renewable energy markets has led to global financial institutions competing for a slice of the pie as increasing numbers of domestic "green-power" players look abroad for business.

Conditions for China's emission trading premature

[2010-09-30 14:14]

A senior official of China's top economic planning body said Wednesday that conditions for the country to launch a carbon emission rights trading system remain premature.

China expects more co-op in CCS technology: expert

[2010-09-29 11:33]

Experts are calling for more cooperation between China and other nations in developing carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies as institutions from the United Kingdom prepare to announce at the Shanghai Expo the launch of a UK CCS research facility.

Eco-city poised for leading role

[2010-09-29 10:35]

Through the energy-efficient and environmentally friendly eco-city, Tianjin will offer valuable experiences for its counterparts from both home and abroad to follow suit, officials said on Tuesday.

Goldwind restarts IPO in Hong Kong

[2010-09-28 17:19]

Xinjiang Goldwind, China's leading wind turbine maker listed in Shenzhen stock exchange, restarted the initial public offering in Hong Kong Monday, seeking to raise up to $916 million, after an aborted plan in June this year.