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Control coal use and reduce smog

[2014-03-05 08:55]

The government should impose strict measures to reduce emissions, because data suggest that emissions have to be reduced by at least half for the air quality to show any substantial improvement.

London lessons to fight pollution in Chinese cities

[2014-03-05 08:55]

One of the top issues on the agenda of the annual sessions of the National People's Congress and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference is how to improve the air quality in the country.

Harsh punishment can build villages

[2014-03-04 17:37]

China should punish polluters harshly or the rural environment will not improve and the goal of building beautiful villages will never be achieved.

Shanghai further promotes use of new-energy cars

[2014-03-03 18:41]

Shanghai will further promote the use of new-energy vehicles, with more than 10,000 new-energy cars and more than 6,000 charging posts by 2015, according to the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization and the city's electric power company.

Beijing-area air better than before

[2014-03-03 03:54]

The pollution that hit Hebei province, Beijing and Tianjin in the past week was less severe than last year's incident, monitoring results revealed.

China considers building smog research facility

[2014-03-02 19:38]

China is considering to build two outdoor facilities to help research smog, the Beijing News reported on Sunday.

Environment issues rising on the list of employees' worries

[2014-03-01 15:13]

Seeking a healthier environment, next to pursuing promotion and finding a work-life balance, has become the third-most important reason for Chinese professionals to change jobs, according to the 2014 Talent Trends Briefing for China released by the international executive recruitment firm MRIC Group.

Experts look to clean up Chaohu Lake

[2014-02-28 21:00]

Experts on freshwater lakes from Britain and China gathered in Hefei, Anhui province, on Friday, to discuss how to better protect lake resources.

China's smog suspended, not terminated

[2014-02-28 03:13]

Drizzle and wind finally provided a breath of fresh air for Beijingers on Thursday after a week of heavy smog shrouded the city.

Endless foul air may motivate legislators

[2014-02-28 02:17]

As we enjoy the precious lull of clear skies after the heavy smog — arguably the worst ever — retreated from Beijing and large swaths of northern China on Thursday, some are already hoping the smog will hit again, and harder, to greet thousands of legislators and officials who will arrive next week for the annual two sessions.

Polluters to face harsher penalties

[2014-02-28 00:03]

Beijing promised harsher punishments on Thursday for those responsible for noxious air pollution, as residents breathed a sigh of relief after the thick smog that had shrouded the city for a week dissipated.

Environmental malpractice found in smog-hit Hebei

[2014-02-27 08:49]

The Ministry of Environmental Protection on Wednesday reported malpractice in Hebei, the province that produces most of China's steel, after sending inspection teams to smog-hit regions.

China mulls cross-region power transmission to curb smog

[2014-02-27 08:49]

China is planning to reduce coal burning in smog-hit areas in the center and east of the country by using more non-local generated power, the State Grid said on Wednesday.

Smog suit by resident a long shot, experts say

[2014-02-27 08:49]

After living in a city with lingering smog for months, Li Guixin has sued the government for failing to control air pollution.

Top 10 products minting most from smog

[2014-02-27 08:49]

Not everything is that grim. There are some businesses that are seeing brisk sales thanks to the pollution. Let's take a look at some of them.

Purifiers help many urban residents breathe more easily while at home

[2014-02-27 07:30]

In an attempt to stop her family from breathing polluted air, Christina Wang, the mother of a 3-month-old in Beijing, bought her second air purifier in two months.

A battle that must be won

[2014-02-27 07:19]

The government has attached high importance to tackling the country's environmental problems and it is strengthening and introducing policies to ensure better protection and treatment.

On-grid wind power generation capacity to rise

[2014-02-26 11:08]

China's on-grid wind power generation capacity will hit 90 million kilowatt (kw) at the end of 2014, from 77.16 million kw in 2013.

Tourist numbers fall over smog

[2014-02-26 11:06]

Popular scenic areas including The Great Wall and Palace Museum had been affected by the smog in terms of tourist numbers.

Cold front to sweep smog away

[2014-02-26 10:56]

A cold front will bring wind, rain and snowfall to northern China starting Wednesday, and is expected to disperse the week-long smog.