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CNPC's Huanqiu unit to buy 20% of Aussie LNG Ltd

[2011-01-28 09:52]

Huanqiu, a unit of China National Petroleum Corp (CNPC), has agreed to purchase a 19.9 percent stake in Australia's Liquefied Natural Gas Ltd, CNPC said Thursday.

Smart ways to become green

[2011-01-26 15:14]

China's top-level decision-makers are planning to usher in a "green revolution" that will not only transform China's image, but also the way people live.

China's environmental tax plan submitted to State Council

[2011-01-26 13:23]

China's landmark environmental tax plan has been submitted to the State Council, China's Cabinet, a petroleum and chemical industry association said on Wednesday.

China issues guideline to create quieter environment

[2011-01-26 13:15]

China's 11 government departments have jointly released a guideline outlining major measures to lessen noise pollution amid rising noise disputes and complaints, the Ministry of Environmental Protection said Tuesday.

China to boost nuclear power capacity

[2011-01-26 10:52]

The nation will approve another 10 nuclear power projects during the 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-2015), according to Zhang Guobao, former director of the National Energy Administration.

Elion Resources to turn sandy land green

[2011-01-25 17:32]

Elion Resources has signed an agreement to partner with Tongliao of the Inner Mongolia autonomous region in developing an ecological economy in the Kerqin region. The signing ceremony was held on Tuesday in Beijing.

Datang poised for solar

[2011-01-25 16:26]

China Datang Corp is poised to win China's first solar photo-thermal power plant project because the company offered a lower-than-expected price in its bid for the project, China Business News reported on Tuesday, citing an unnamed source.

Powering up new energy partnership

[2011-01-25 15:07]

The development of the new energy industry has moved high up the agenda of many countries in the face of the common threats of global climate change and energy insecurity.

Chinese PE firm Yun Feng raises $1.52b

[2011-01-25 15:06]

China's private equity fund Yun Feng Capital has raised about 10 billion yuan ($1.52 billion) through two funds to invest in Internet, consumer and new energy firms in China, its chairman David Yu said.

Foreign markets boost CNEEC

[2011-01-25 13:58]

China National Electric Engineering Co Ltd (CNEEC) says it secured most of its 2010 revenue from overseas power station projects, representing the Chinese contractor's capacity in the international Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) market.

CNNC, Exelon agree on nuclear service cooperation

[2011-01-24 15:28]

Chinese nuclear power developer China National Nuclear Corp (CNNC) and US-based Exelon Corp signed an MOU last week, marking the first step for the top US nuclear power operator to provide nuclear power service in China.

China to auction 8 shale gas blocks in Q1

[2011-01-21 11:29]

China will auction eight shale gas exploration blocks in the first quarter of this year, two more than first planned and months later than originally scheduled for November last year, a ministry official said on Thursday.

Natural gas consumption to increase

[2011-01-21 09:44]

China's apparent natural gas consumption is expected to grow by 22.6 percent in 2011 from 106 billion cubic meters (cu m) in 2010. That's because domestic consumption of the clean fuel is set to surge in accordance with the country's need to reduce carbon emissions.

Sun shining brightly on blossoming green industry

[2011-01-20 17:01]

China is on track to play a leading role in the green sector, as more Chinese companies in the sector are investing in the United States and creating jobs.

China steps on the gas for energy

[2011-01-20 11:22]

China will spend an average of 500 million yuan ($74.6 million) each year on exploring oil and gas resources over the next two decades to counter the country's growing dependence on imported energy.

China may lead in electric vehicle race

[2011-01-20 10:01]

China could lead the race to roll out electric vehicles and will deploy new transport technologies faster than the United States, according to a report by Accenture that compares the two countries.

China makes flurry of energy deals with US firms

[2011-01-20 09:34]

China's National Energy Administration and the United States Department of Energy signed 18 deals worth $13 billion on Tuesday, ushering in President Hu Jintao's four-day state visit to the United States.
China, US reach $45 billion in export deals

China shuts down 284 illegal mines

[2011-01-19 15:57]

China's Ministry of Land and Resources announced Tuesday that authorities in the country have found and ordered the clean-up of more than 280 illegal mines in an effort to regulate the exploration of valuable minerals, such as rare earths.

China-US clean energy cooperation forum kicks off

[2011-01-19 10:40]

The Second US-China Strategic Forum On Clean Energy Cooperation started in Washington on Tuesday, bringing together government leaders, business executives and experts from both countries to discuss an array of energy collaboration topics.

Uranium shortage likely to end in 10 years: CNNC

[2011-01-18 11:17]

It will take at least a decade for China to start the large-scale industrial application of spent fuel reprocessing technology, which may be the solution to the supply shortage, the China National Nuclear Corp (CNNC) said on Monday.