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E China to reduce dyeing capacity for environment

[2010-09-01 16:48]

China's "textile town" Shaoxing county is set to reduce its annual textile printing and dyeing capacity by 710 million meters of textile before Sept 15, in a bid to save energy and cut emissions, sources with the county government said Wednesday.

Demand for 'green funds' increasing

[2010-09-01 12:58]

Demand for financing to China's new energy industry, emission reduction and environmental protection could amount to 8 trillion yuan ($1.2 trillion) in the coming decade, said a senior provincial official on Tuesday.

Walmart rewards green ideas with shelf space

[2010-08-30 15:16]

Wang Xuemei takes energy-saving so seriously she has invented a device that she hopes will become a commercial success.

China, Japan willing to push forward climate talks

[2010-08-30 09:48]

China and Japan are willing to push forward international climate change talks, based on respective responsibilities and capabilities of both countries.

China restricts rare earths for environment: Minister

[2010-08-30 09:14]

China's decision to impose limits on production and exports of rare earths is based on concerns about environmental protection and national security and it is not contradictory to the rules of the World Trade Organization, Chen Deming, minister of commerce, told reporters after the third China-Japan high-level economic dialogue in Beijing.

China's nuclear power set to increase sevenfold by '20

[2010-08-27 17:51]

China has to raise its nuclear power capacity to 75 megawatts by 2020, eight times that of the current nine-megawatt capacity, to offset the pressure of emission reduction, Shanghai Securities News reported Friday citing an official close to the mater.

China accelerates electric vehicle dream

[2010-08-27 16:47]

China's electric vehicle (EV) market is in pole position to become the first nation in the world to realize the EV era, Tony Chen, China Regional Manager with SUD-Chemie, said at a forum in Beijing on Tuesday.

Collaboration key to environmental protection

[2010-08-27 14:04]

Environmental protection is an increasing concern for many Chinese consumers. But it's also a new market trend that businesses, governments and social organizations would do well to tap, said a senior Bayer Co executive.

China becomes hydro superpower

[2010-08-26 09:25]

As all generating units began running Wednesday at Xiaowan Hydropower Station in the southwestern Yunnan province, China's hydropower capacity became the world's largest.

Yancheng to open carbon exchange in Sept

[2010-08-24 15:34]

The Yancheng Carbon Credit Exchange is to open on Sept 3 in Yancheng city, a port city in East China’s Jiangsu province, the vice mayor said.

Charging guides for electric cars to be issued

[2010-08-24 15:31]

China will issue three standards in October to regulate charging facilities for electric cars, the Shanghai Securities News reported Monday, citing an unnamed source from the State Electricity Regulatory Commission.

'Roadmap' to tackle climate change

[2010-08-23 16:55]

The United Nations has high hopes that the Shanghai Declaration will become a "useful roadmap" for tackling climate change and other environmental, urban and social issues, Awni Behnam, assistant secretary-general of the UN, said over the weekend.

China limits tourist numbers to protect world cultural heritage site

[2010-08-20 17:01]

Local cultural heritage officials in central China's Henan province said Friday they will limit tourist numbers during peak travel times to better protect the World Cultural Heritage-listed Historic Monuments of Dengfeng.

Alliance drives promotion of electric cars

[2010-08-19 11:54]

An alliance of sixteen State-owned companies wants to accelerate development of electric vehicles in China, a move which underscores the country's ambition to be a world leader in new energy vehicles.

Pilot carbon reduction locations selected

[2010-08-19 08:14]

The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), China's top economic planning body, said on Wednesday that it has selected a series of pilot carbon cities as a way of addressing the nation's carbon emissions issues.

16 firms combine to develop China's electric cars

[2010-08-18 18:04]

China's 16 centrally-managed State-owned Enterprises (SOEs) will form an association Wednesday, aimed at developing China's own electric cars, the Shanghai Securities News reported Wednesday.

China faces uphill battle to achieve energy-saving target

[2010-08-18 14:34]

To many Chinese officials at the county and city levels, the newly released half-year evaluation reports on energy consumption per unit of gross domestic product (GDP) make for grim reading.

Dongfeng drives new energy strategy

[2010-08-16 11:23]

Dongfeng Motor Corp, one of China's largest automakers, announced last week that it will invest 3 billion yuan ($440.76 million) over the next five years to develop energy-saving and new-energy vehicles.

JAC joins rush toward 'green' vehicles

[2010-08-16 11:10]

Domestic truck maker Jianghuai Automobile Co (JAC) announced last week that it will produce new-energy vehicles in a 30 billion yuan ($4.41 billion) joint venture with a foreign-funded company, the latest Chinese automaker to make a foray into clean vehicles.

China to hold green industry Expo in November

[2010-08-12 00:19]

China will hold an international green industry expo from November 24-27 in Beijing, which will serve as a new platform of cooperation between domestic and overseas companies in developing a green economy, Vice Minister of Commerce Jiang Yaoping said Wednesday.