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Green energy sparks Tibetans' daily lives

[2011-05-20 14:17]

In recent years, Tibet has been working to develop and implement green energies such as solar, wind and bio-fuels.

China still needs to develop nuclear power: Expert

[2011-05-20 14:09]

China, one of the world's largest energy consumers, should continue developing nuclear power in the future, but must also be vigilant about choosing appropriate sites for nuclear power plants, an expert said on Friday.

Bigwigs to discuss low-carbon growth in Beijing

[2011-05-20 13:53]

Political and business heavyweights are set to find ways for low-carbon growth at a forum in Beijing next month.

EU carbon rule may hurt China's airliners

[2011-05-18 10:26]

The European Union has set Jan 1 as the starting date for all flights, incoming and departing from the continent, to meet emission limits or pay penalties for breaking them.

Battery plant boss detained for lead poisoning

[2011-05-17 09:00]

The legal representative for a battery plant in east China's Zhejiang province was detained Monday after more than 300 people, including 99 children, were found to have elevated levels of lead in their blood.

China's nuclear projects approval to be restarted

[2011-05-16 16:02]

Examination and approval of China’s nuclear projects may restart soon, but access standards will likely be enhanced, China Business News (CBN) reported Monday.

China to spend $23m for nuke safety

[2011-05-14 14:43]

China's environmental regulator will spend 150 million yuan on nuclear and radiation safety supervision and control, as well as in offering relevant technical support this year in an effort to ensure nuclear safety.

Chinese firm wins Cameroon hydropower bidding

[2011-05-14 13:47]

China Three Gorges Corp (CTGPC) in central China's Hubei province announced Friday that one of its subsidiaries had won a contract to build a hydropower project in Cameroon.

Energy aid is being misused, audit finds

[2011-05-14 09:13]

Some Chinese enterprises have misused or fraudulently acquired subsidies assigned by the central government to boost energy efficiency, the nation's top auditing office said on Friday.

Hunan urged to align growth with environmental protection

[2011-05-13 14:51]

Senior Chinese leader He Guoqiang urged Hunan province in central China to play an exemplary role in building an "environmentally friendly society" while conducting an inspection tour in the province.

Expert: Power goal is attainable

[2011-05-13 09:24]

China is likely to achieve its target of 70 gW in nuclear capacity by 2020 despite its freeze on approving new nuclear projects since Japan's nuclear crisis.

Flood risks may delay inland nuclear project

[2011-05-12 16:36]

Construction of China's first inland nuclear power station might be postponed for further evaluation of flood risks as Japan's nuclear crisis has prompted calls for greater precautions, experts say.

Experts call for safer nuclear development

[2011-05-12 11:21]

Japan's Fukushina nuclear accident should not stop China from pursuing its own strategy for nuclear development, but it should be taken as a warning that China should develop nuclear power in a "more effective way" with safety as a top priority, said nuclear experts.

City gov'ts to co-op on clean energy

[2011-05-12 10:59]

ENN Group Co Ltd,and ENN Energy Holdings Ltd, signed a cooperative contract with the US-based Duke Energy in Washington on Tuesday, during the China-US Strategic and Economic Dialogue.

China fine-tunes wind turbine industry

[2011-05-11 15:00]

China's wind turbine manufacturing industry will undergo significant changes in the wake of new industrial restructuring guidelines, which will come into effect on June 1.

Planting trees gives soldier roots for life

[2011-05-11 08:15]

On a windy afternoon, a gray-haired man carrying a shovel and pickax shuffles on crutches to the foot of a hill. There is no path through the protruding white rocks.

Airlines battling costly EU plan

[2011-05-10 14:32]

The China Air Transport Association has said it and its airline members do not acknowledge the European Union's Emissions Trading System (ETS), something they say would cost them billions of yuan each year.

China to double solar-power capacity

[2011-05-10 10:32]

China's solar energy industry is ready to boom in the next 10 years with the nation expected to become a major photovoltaic-module consumer after being the biggest exporter.

China ranks 2 as clean tech producer

[2011-05-08 13:58]

China ranks No 2 with its production of green technologies growing by a remarkable 77% a year, according to a WWF report.

Shanghai Expo sees 830,000 ton carbon cut

[2011-05-06 13:46]

A report released Thursday detailed how the green traffic initiative promoted during the Shanghai Expo helped cut carbon emissions by 830,000 tons.