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The cost of creating a greener future

[2012-06-25 09:47]

China set an ambitious target to make 30 percent of the country's new construction green by 2020, according to an official document.

Green priority for rare earths

[2012-06-21 09:41]

China denied on Wednesday that it had sought political benefit or increased returns by manipulating the prices of rare earths.

China's solar thermal market, room for growth

[2012-06-20 17:08]

The National Energy Administration (NEA) will set standards and issue supporting policies for solar thermal utilization in China.

China's solar thermal market, room for growth

[2012-06-20 17:08]

The National Energy Administration (NEA) will set standards and issue supporting policies for solar thermal utilization in China.

Nuclear plants told to improve safety management

[2012-06-20 16:34]

China ordered three nuclear power stations to improve safety management procedures in case of severe accidents, according to the National Energy Administration website.

Chinese buildings 'miss energy-efficient standards'

[2012-06-20 09:24]

Most buildings in China are not up to the country's energy-efficient requirements even though it is trying to save energy to fulfill emission reduction commitments.

Wen to outline development policies

[2012-06-19 09:58]

Premier Wen Jiabao will outline China's policies on sustainable development when he addresses the UN conference.

Asian carbon tax debate set to warm up

[2012-06-15 10:10]

The carbon tax has become one of the most politically divisive and bitterly fought tax reforms of this century.

China, US to reduce carbon emissions

[2012-06-14 08:05]

China and the United States are strengthening ties in reducing carbon emissions through new agreements involving energy efficiency cooperation, despite recent trade disputes.

Clearing the air on measuring pollution

[2012-06-13 09:58]

Environmental authorities ordered 74 cities to ensure that they have a mechanism in place to publish daily reports on levels of PM2.5.

Chinese tax cuts for more new-energy cars

[2012-06-06 16:09]

China has announced a second wave of tax cuts for clean-energy cars, specifying 64 new energy-saving vehicles covered by the scheme.

China emits more oxynitride in 2011

[2012-06-06 09:46]

A total of 24.04 million tons of oxynitride were emitted in China last year, up 5.73 percent year on year, according to an environmental report.

Making green dreams economic realities

[2012-06-05 16:18]

Twenty-one private enterprises from China will join the China Going Green Dialogues - part of the 2012 UN Conference on Sustainable Development - in June, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Govt capital fuels green auto sector

[2012-06-05 11:03]

The Chinese government will allocate 1 to 2 billion yuan annually to support the development and production of green vehicles, said a deputy minister of finance.

Nation boosts support for its forestry

[2012-06-05 08:05]

China has strengthened its fiscal support for its increasing forest area, launched a number of national ecological projects and implemented a nationwide compulsory tree-planting program.

Wind power welcomed by government

[2012-06-04 17:28]

Among the 131 power projects approved by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) from the first half of the year, wind power accounts for 95 percent of the approved projects.

Sustainable development 'facing major challenges'

[2012-06-02 10:36]

China's sustainable development faces greater challenges ranging from a fragile natural ecological environment to resource constraints.

Nuclear safety plan gets nod

[2012-06-01 14:44]

China, the world's biggest energy user, has adopted a five-year plan to ensure nuclear safety in the country.

Warning over wind turbine tower tariffs

[2012-05-31 17:00]

The US decision to set a tariff on Chinese wind turbine towers will have an adverse impact on related industry in the US market.

Scientists find ways to clean polluted soil

[2012-05-31 14:57]

There are ways to clean heavy-metal-polluted soil, according scientists that attended a two-day forum in Beijing that ended Thursday.