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Chinese firm to produce low-carbon subway trains for India

[2010-06-23 11:29]

A Chinese manufacturer has won a deal to produce five environment-friendly subway trains for India, the company's spokesman said Tuesday.

Energy usage set to tighten to curb excess

[2010-06-17 11:58]

Authorities will restrict energy supply in areas with excessive increases in energy usage and high energy-consuming industries, said a high-ranking official with the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), the country's top economic planning body.

China to take lead in utilizing green technology

[2010-06-17 09:25]

China has taken the lead in utilizing green technologies and is expected to be a major market for carbon capture and storage technologies.

China calls for efforts in environment challenges

[2010-06-10 11:07]

The Chinese ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva on Wednesday called for persistent international efforts in dealing with environment challenges such as climate change and the shortage of energy and natural resources.

China's 8th environment equities exchange opens

[2010-06-03 10:02]

The first environment equities exchange in northeast China - the eighth nationwide - opened Wednesday.

Green car subsidy trials start in five pilot areas

[2010-06-03 07:54]

News of sector incentives pushes lithium-battery maker shares up

China's 1st carbon capture plant to start operation by year-end

[2010-06-02 18:18]

China's first commercial carbon capture and storage plant is expected to be operational by the end of the year as construction of the plant's liquidification facility has started, company managers said Wednesday.

WB OKs loan for improving China city's environment

[2010-06-02 16:15]

The World Bank has approved a loan of $100 million dollars to support an environment project in south China's Nanning city, the bank's China office said Wednesday.

China plays crucial role in green tech, says Italian rep

[2010-06-01 07:49]

BEIJING - A stronger partnership between China and Europe on innovative clean technologies is needed to make up for the imperfect UN forum on climate change, a senior Italian negotiator has said.

China clean energy goal will require hydro projects

[2010-05-31 16:28]

China must starts building big hydropower projects soon, or fail the clean energy development targets for 2020, China's top energy official said, supporting industry calls for fast project approvals

China's chance to lead in 'green cars'

[2010-05-31 13:22]

We hear a lot of talk these days about the "green economy"- and the automotive industry is certainly a big part of that - but the market for "green cars" is driven far more by government command than consumer demand.

China gets tougher about protecting environment

[2010-05-29 11:56]

Provincial governments and key enterprises which fail to realize the year's missions in environmental protection and emission cut will be punished as the Chinese central government is taking a tougher stance towards improving the country's environment.

China to launch first biofuel flight

[2010-05-27 09:49]

China will launch its first flight using aviation biofuel this year after signing an agreement with US aviation giant Boeing on Wednesday.

China, US ink green energy deals

[2010-05-27 09:13]

China and the United States on Wednesday signed eight green energy deals to enhance cooperation in the sector, a move analysts said would set examples for global collaboration in increasing energy efficiency and protecting environment. Biofuel flight

CCB sees 17% increase in green-credit business loans in 2009

[2010-05-26 10:00]

China Construction Bank (CCB), one of the country's four leading State-owned lenders, saw a sharp increase in its green-credit business in 2009 with outstanding loans totaling 181.1 billion yuan ($26.6 billion).

Clean energy a major area of cooperation with US

[2010-05-25 10:39]

Clean energy projects, specifically new energy vehicles, energy-efficient construction and clean coal technology, are the key areas of science cooperation between China and the United States, a Chinese official said on Monday.

TV legend hopes to make an impact on green world

[2010-05-24 07:59]

Yang Lan talks about her new program on the environment with METRO's Qin Zhongwei

Turning the office furniture green

[2010-05-24 07:58]

BEIJING - Steelcase, a global leader in office furniture manufacturing, which opened its largest Asian factory in Guangdong province in March, says it is committing itself to a more sustainable future for China.

China seeks fourth-generation nuclear plant partners

[2010-05-19 13:58]

China, the world's second-biggest fuel user, is seeking overseas partners to help build fourth- generation nuclear reactors to meet rising clean-energy demand.

Clean energy sources powering ahead

[2010-05-17 09:24]

On the coast of China's Jiangsu province, there is a cluster of nuclear power plants and wind farms. Using technology both developed domestically and overseas, they are changing the energy landscape of the area. Windy province seeks to sell nature's bounty