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Beijing to replace coal-fired power plants before 2015

[2013-10-05 17:54]

Beijing will build four power centers by the end of 2014 to replace coal with natural gas in heating and power generation, municipal authorities said Saturday.

Ecological safety urged for sustainable development

[2013-10-02 11:02]

Legislation, innovation and cooperation are needed to ensure environmental protection and sustainable development in the current environmental crisis, according to analysts.

Beijing to issue air pollution warnings

[2013-10-01 23:16]

China plans to pilot an air quality warning system in the heavily-polluted cities of Beijing, Tianjin and surrounding areas next month amid the country's increasing efforts to tackle the problem.
Air pollution not reason for foreigners to leave
Environmental costs weigh on steelmakers

For more blue skies

[2013-09-29 16:36]

China's subsidizing scheme aimed at increasing business use of renewable energy and reducing pollution has high hopes.

Environmental costs weigh on struggling steelmakers

[2013-09-28 08:59]

Chinese steelmakers, already obsessed with low profit margins, have been told to increase their environmental investment to reduce air pollution.

Chinese entrepreneur wins UN drylands award

[2013-09-24 17:17]

The founder of a Chinese enterprise was honored on Monday with the Global Drylands Champions award by a special UN body on anti-desertification.

China announces pricing policy for fuel upgrade

[2013-09-24 09:14]

Chinese drivers will have to pay more in fuel prices amid the country's drive to reduce air pollution through upgraded fuel quality.

China's environment index measures green growth

[2013-09-23 10:55]

China's Green Development Index Report for 2013, measuring green development in 30 regions aand 100 cities was released on Sunday.

World Bank shares green path with China

[2013-09-16 01:17]

China is on the right track to push for economic reforms and tackle environmental pollution, World Bank President Jim Yong Kim said.
China gets tough on air pollution

Clean energy trade barriers 'unwise'

[2013-09-13 10:47]

Scientists attending a Nobel Laureates forum warned trade barriers on new energy development is an unwise move that would hinder the sector's development.

Nation set to become the world's largest solar power

[2013-09-12 07:53]

China is to overtake Germany to become the world's largest solar power generating country this year, said Zhang Xiaoqiang, deputy director of the NDRC.

Beijing eyes Finnish tech for pollution control

[2013-09-11 09:54]

Beijing municipal authorities are considering importing experience and clean technology from Finland to aid the city's fight against air pollution.

Beijing reveals annual vehicle emissions load

[2013-09-11 09:34]

Motor vehicles in Beijing consume more than 7 million tons of fuel annually, discharging about 900,000 tons of emissions every year.

Cutting emissions doesn't mean slower economic growth

[2013-09-11 08:49]

There are policy choices for countries globally to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change without affecting their economic growth.

Green energy cars rev up in Chinese market

[2013-09-10 16:38]

Global brands such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz are targeting China's electrics car market, while a newer name, Tesla is also jockeying for position.

New nano-tech could treat China's lake pollution

[2013-09-09 16:10]

Chinese scientists announced on Monday that they have developed a type of nanomaterial which can catalyze algae masses growing on water surfaces into inorganic earth.

Jilin seeks investors in sewage treatment

[2013-09-09 12:27]

Northeast China's Jilin province is gearing up to lure investment from home and abroad to bolster its sewage treatment system.

Meteorological center launches air pollution forecasts

[2013-09-03 09:36]

Meteorological authorities in China have started issuing forecasts for air pollution conditions, the China Meteorological Administration said.

China adjusts tax on plane, lignite imports

[2013-09-03 09:04]

China has increased the value-added tax from four percent to five percent on imports of planes with an empty weight of above 25 metric tons.

Beijing vows to reduce PM 2.5 density by 25%

[2013-09-02 13:43]

The Beijing municipal government pledged to reduce PM 2.5 density by 25 percent or more by 2017 with the implementation of a five-year action plan.