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China on track to hit eco-targets early

[2013-11-18 00:51]

China may achieve its 2020 target of energy efficiency ahead of schedule and will make even more ambitious proposals to realize low-carbon development for the years after 2020, senior climate advisers have said.

Lanzhou takes lead to curb car use

[2013-11-18 00:51]

Lanzhou has become the first Chinese city to introduce an odd-even license plate restriction to prevent severe air pollution in winter.

China disappointed over Japan's weakened emission cut goal

[2013-11-16 03:36]

China's chief climate negotiator Su Wei said he felt "very disappointed" over a reduced target of greenhouse gas emission announced by Japan.

Private investment needed to improve environment: Li

[2013-11-15 21:14]

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang wants to see more private investment in energy efficiency and environmental protection.

NZ, China focuses on rural water pollution

[2013-11-15 14:55]

Chinese and New Zealand scientists have begun work on a New Zealand farm to study ways of reducing nutrient run-off and improving water quality.

Agricultural waste turned into energy

[2013-11-15 09:57]

Commercial manufacture of cellulosic bioethanol from agricultural residue is expected to be given further impetus.

China invests in ancient Grand Canal

[2013-11-15 09:36]

Nearly $160 million has been spent on one section of the ancient Grand Canal in east China's Shandong Province, said a local official on Thursday.

'Reverse' vending machine sells idea of recycling

[2013-11-15 01:10]

Beijing's primary and middle schools will get ''reverse'' vending machines, which pay out coins and stationary in exchange for empty bottles or used books, as part of efforts to boost recycling.

Green chance offered to investors

[2013-11-15 00:20]

China will open its energy conservation and environmental protection industry to international investors, Premier Li Keqiang said on Thursday.

Urbanization takes toll on China's wetlands

[2013-11-13 20:50]

Ten percent of China's wetlands have vanished over the past decade as urban development has advanced.

Ecological red line to be drawn for better protection

[2013-11-13 17:43]

The Communist Party of China (CPC) has vowed to establish a sound system to protect the country's ecological environment, according to the communique issued after the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee.

Cleaner skies good for business

[2013-11-13 07:18]

Governments and companies are increasingly taking advantage of the unscathed ecological environment in their regions to lure investment amid concerns pollution is taking its toll on health.

Better pumping promises big benefits

[2013-11-12 18:53]

Tougher standards for water and sewer drainage aimed at increasing efficiency, protecting the environment and saving energy in China's urbanization will provide new opportunities for pump manufacturers, experts say.

Wind generator installed in high-altitude region

[2013-11-12 14:29]

The first China-made wind turbine generator has been installed in a wind farm in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to capture high altitude wind energy.

Investment to boost China's climate-smart growth

[2013-11-12 09:36]

China has embarked on a climate-friendly growth path and increased finance will help boost the market, global climate change authorities said on Monday in Beijing.

Investors target water desalination sector

[2013-11-08 09:49]

Processing seawater for drinking and industrial use offers a future not only to the country but also to global investors.

Going green urged in overseas investment

[2013-11-07 10:38]

China companies in global expansion are urged to utilize green operational standards and bringing more benefits to host regions.

Brighter outlook for solar power sector

[2013-11-07 09:58]

China plans to raise its whole-year target of installed solar capacity to 12 gigawatts in 2014, up by 20 percent from the original target.

Environmental agencies admonished

[2013-11-07 00:06]

The Environmental Protection Ministry publicly admonished 34 environmental impact assessment agencies on Wednesday after an inspection.

China to build more solar power stations

[2013-11-06 10:30]

China's central energy authority has proposed to build more photovoltaic power stations in 2014 than originally planned.

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