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Childless elderly require more than financial support

[2017-02-06 14:27]

Spring Festival means happy family reunions for most Chinese people. But for parents that have lost their only child, the festival is a time of sadness as it only reminds them their loss.

Sneaky diplomatic ploy of Japan backfires in UK

[2017-02-05 14:54]

Ten thousand pounds per month - that's the money the Japanese embassy in London has been paying to a British think tank to hype up China threat and propagate against China-UK relations, according to a Sunday Times report.

Flaws in democratic system exposed by triumphalism

[2017-02-05 14:54]

Democracy, as Britain's wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill is often quoted as saying, is the worst form of government except for all the others.

Spring Festival brings China into focus

[2017-02-04 15:18]

Many people in China regard the vogue for celebrations at Christmas and Thanksgiving Day as an invasion by Western culture.

Not cold hearted, just less tolerance for rule-breakers

[2017-02-04 15:18]

On Sunday, the second day of Spring Festival, a man was killed after he fell into the tiger enclosure while trying to get into the zoo in Ningbo, East China's Zhejiang province, without paying for a ticket.

Trump's past remarks and current actions bode ill

[2017-02-03 08:08]

Less than two weeks into his presidency Donald Trump seems to have proved - in an ominous sense for many people in the United States and abroad - that his campaign rhetoric was not just empty promises.

China is an opportunity for EU

[2017-02-03 08:08]

China's development provides an enormous opportunity for the European Union and it is a pity that EU President Donald Tusk has failed to realize that. He said recently that China represents an external threat to Europe, an accusation which is groundless as well as outrageous.

Fireworks belong to the past and should be banned in cities

[2017-02-03 08:08]

PRIOR TO THIS YEAR'S SPRING FESTIVAL, many media outlets and scholars called for a total ban on fireworks because of the air pollution they cause. A comment on said:

End illegal deals between patients and doctors

[2017-02-03 08:08]

MORE THAN 1.5 BILLION YUAN ($218 MILLION) was misappropriated from the medical insurance fund last year, according to a report released by the National Audit Office. Beijing News commented on Wednesday:

Legal duty to limit visitor numbers

[2017-02-03 08:08]

THE RESTRICTIONS on the number of tourists that can visit scenic attractions are compulsory legal limits that must be strictly abided by for safety concerns. Beijing Youth Daily commented on Thursday:

Building the Belt and Road for win-win development

[2017-02-03 08:08]

Editor's note: The Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation (BRF) will be held in Beijing from May 14 to 15. People from both home and abroad have expressed keen interest in the BRF since President Xi Jinping announced it at the Davos Forum in January. On the occasion of the 100 day countdown, State Councilor Yang Jiechi, who is in charge of the preparatory work, gave a comprehensive over view in an interview with the People's Daily and China Daily.

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