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Homework is for children, not parents

[2017-02-21 07:34]

THE SECOND semester of the school year started on Monday, which means that parents will once again be burdened with homework as doing some of their children's homework has become an obligation of the parents. Guangzhou Daily commented on Monday:


[2017-02-21 07:30]

Threat of trade war only undermines US

[2017-02-21 07:34]

The United States registered 20 anti-dumping and anti-subsidy investigation cases against China involving $3.7 billion in 2016, according to statistics from the Chinese Ministry of Commerce.

Carrier group patrols pose new regional test

[2017-02-21 07:34]

US warships have begun a fresh round of "freedom of navigation" patrols in the South China Sea. Despite China's strong opposition, the USS Carl Vinson carrier strike group began what are described by the US navy as "routine operations" in the waters on Saturday.

Think tanks as supplement to policymaking

[2017-02-21 07:34]

Chinese think tanks, be they State-sponsored or private, are inching forward in the global intellectual race. Nine of these made it to the world's top 175 think-tank list prepared recently by the Lauder Institute of University of Pennsylvania. The university report says the United States has the largest number of think tanks (1,835) and China the second largest (435).

China can help boost European Union's economic growth

[2017-02-21 07:34]

Many European leaders have run out of words to describe the situation in the European Union. But there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel.

Social media key for selling to China

[2017-02-19 15:24]

During this year's Spring Festival it is estimated that more than 6 million Chinese consumers ventured overseas. And in recent years almost 100 million Chinese consumers have enjoyed an annual foreign holiday.

French election race looking turbulent

[2017-02-19 15:24]

With still more than two months to go until the first round of France's presidential election, the contest is already looking messy.

More travel means broader minds

[2017-02-19 15:24]

Travel, goes the old adage, broadens the mind. In my case, the mind-broadening began in a typically bizarre Peterson fashion.

High-speed rail multiplies benefits

[2017-02-19 15:24]

Rarely in the last couple of years has the Hong Kong stock market shown so much charm to investors.

Our friend China's motives are pure

[2017-02-19 15:24]

Economic diplomacy in the past was hierarchical and traditional, often being premised on North-South cooperation that had been shaped by Cold War politics.

These rules are the wrong way to curb excesses

[2017-02-19 15:24]

A series of recent local regulations targeting civil servants has drawn huge media attention.

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