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Ex-NBA star's visit to Pyongyang welcome

[2017-06-16 08:00]

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman landed in Pyongyang on Tuesday on his fifth visit to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea since 2013 and his first since US President Donald Trump assumed office.

US' lack of focus on its infrastructure means it will continue to get D+

[2017-06-16 08:00]

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman marveled at China's progress in infrastructure in a June 7 opinion piece following his recent trip to the country. He described the wide use of mobile technology in daily life and the changing skylines he saw riding the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed train.

Collusion of dupes seeks to pursue 'independence'

[2017-06-15 07:36]

About 20 members of Taiwan's "legislative yuan" launched on Monday a "platform" in Taipei designed to connect "pro-democracy" groups in Taiwan with their "allies" in Hong Kong in the name of promoting democracy in both places against "suppression" by Beijing.

Reforms persist for vision

[2017-06-15 07:36]

In a recent teleconference on reform aimed at reducing red tape and providing better government services, Premier Li Keqiang pointed out there was a noticeable gap between the results achieved and public expectations and vowed more efforts to push forward reforms.

Punish buyers as well as sellers to cut personal info profit chain

[2017-06-15 07:36]

WITHIN A WEEK of a homebuyer in Beijing completing the deal to purchase an apartment in early June, the man reportedly received at least 20 calls from interior decoration companies, as well as about 100 text messages from furniture and electric device shops. These companies knew almost everything about the transaction: His name, the address of his new house, even the exact time of the deal. Beijing News comments:

SOE dependency hindering region's revival

[2017-06-15 07:36]

A RECENT SURVEY on the employment of college graduates this year suggests that the employment rate for graduates in Northeast China continues to drop following the annual exodus of local talents. Beijing News commented on Wednesday:

'Secret' drones are flying under radar of the law

[2017-06-15 07:36]

UNMANNED AERIAL vehicles manufactured by unauthorized workshops are for sale via live streaming platforms, provoking concerns about their safety. Chinese Business View commented on Wednesday:


[2017-06-15 07:32]

Sino-Pakistani goodwill should endure test

[2017-06-15 07:36]

China and Pakistan are still investigating in the kidnapping of two Chinese who were abducted from Quetta in the southwestern province of Balochistan last month. They may have been killed after Islamic State militants claimed to have "executed" them last week.

The young and the aged must respect each other

[2017-06-15 07:36]

Editor's note: Some senior citizens were recently criticized for competing with youths for a basketball court where they wanted to practice square dancing, and some others were accused that their loud music disturbed students on the eve of the national college entrance exam. Following are the views of four experts on the issue, which they shared with China Daily's Wu Zheyu:

SCO boosts security, promotes prosperity

[2017-06-15 07:36]

President Xi Jinping has wrapped up his state visit to Kazakhstan, where he also attended the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit, lifting the Beijing-Astana partnership to a new level.

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