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Li's Australia visit to deepen bilateral ties

[2017-03-21 07:31]

On Wednesday, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang will begin a visit to Australia. He is the most senior Chinese official to visit Australia since President Xi Jinping visited in 2014.

Possible to be good partners if things are straightened out

[2017-03-20 07:40]

United States Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's first visit to China has two purposes among others that are equally important - arranging for a meeting between the Chinese and US presidents, and maneuvering further consensus on responding to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea's nuclear/missile stunts.

Curb rising land prices

[2017-03-20 07:40]

The Beijing municipal government introduced new measures on Friday to cool the capital's red-hot real estate market.

Liaoning sets good example with its administrative reform efforts

[2017-03-20 07:40]

NORTHEAST CHINA'S LIAONING PROVINCE has cut 10 percent of its administrative offices and 296 administrative jobs, of which 192 are officials at the vice-county level or above, since it commenced a new round of administrative reforms in the second half of 2016. Beijing News comments:

UK looks to learn from Chinese education

[2017-03-20 07:40]

ON TUESDAY, THE FIRST DAY OF THE 2017 LONDON BOOK FAIR, the UK publisher Harper Collins Publishing signed a contract to translate and publish the math textbooks of Shanghai Century Publishing Group used in Shanghai primary schools. Beijing Youth Daily comments:

Sales on campus targeting pupils must be banned

[2017-03-20 07:40]

A COMPANY called Keshi Shiguang Optical Technology in Zhengzhou, Central China's Henan province, reportedly organized unqualified teams to do eyesight tests for pupils in hundreds of primary and secondary schools in the city and surrounding areas, tricking the pupils and their parents into buying ortho-k contact lens, which might harm the wearers' health. An editorial on comments:


[2017-03-20 07:41]

Civil sector can boost PLA's modernization

[2017-03-20 07:40]

The military should boost integration with civilian sectors, and use scientific and technological innovation to modernize its weapons and equipment, said Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, at a meeting with the People's Liberation Army delegation to the annual session of the country's top legislature on March 12.

A power house of an economic cluster

[2017-03-20 07:40]

The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region is a leading strategic platform for China's economic growth and upgrading as well as international cooperation and competition. Since President Xi Jinping called for the coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region in 2014, its integrated development has remarkably accelerated.

Will China join TPP is not the question

[2017-03-20 07:40]

Some people are still debating whether China would join the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement despite the Foreign Ministry recently making it clear that Beijing has not changed its stance on the TPP even after the United States' withdrawal from the economic grouping.

School scandal puts nationalist lobby group in the spotlight

[2017-03-20 07:40]

Japan's ruling and opposition parties have decided to summon Yasunori Kagoike, head of the Osaka-based education institution Moritomo Gakuen, to Diet, or Japan's parliament to answer questions on March 23.

Chinese have designs on fashion world

[2017-03-19 12:48]

This year's London Fashion Week 2017 again made the fashion front pages around the world but this year Chinese designers made quite a splash and grabbed significant attention.

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