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Bilateral mechanism can help deepen trust with Australia

[2017-04-26 07:04]

International relations experts more or less agree that while Barack Obama was the US president there was strategic mutual distrust between China and the United States largely because of the latter's strategic "pivot" to Asia strategy, which was actually intended at containing China's rise.

Misjudgment of situation biggest risk to peninsula

[2017-04-25 07:38]

If the risks surrounding the Korean Peninsula were perceived to be dangerously high, it was because of the fear that anything could happen at any time in the tense standoff that had developed between Washington and Pyongyang.

People need no empty talk

[2017-04-25 07:38]

The popularity of the anti-corruption-themed drama In the Name of People can be attributed, to a large extent, to its echoing people's anger at corrupt officials, and those officials who have no motivation to work for the people or do bad things under the pretext of serving the people, and their admiration for those that have the courage to fight corruption.

Astronautics has down-to-earth benefits for people's daily lives

[2017-04-25 07:38]

MONDAY MARKS THE SECOND CHINA ASTRONAUTICS DAY, which was approved by the State Council, China's Cabinet, last year. For many people, astronautics is something far removed from their daily lives. But space technology benefits our daily lives, too, writes Tian Yulong, a senior official from China National Space Administration in Guangming Daily:

Phoney articles reflect flawed system

[2017-04-25 07:38]

GERMAN PUBLISHER SPRINGER announced on Thursday it was retracting 107 articles that were published between 2012 and 2016 in its medical journal Tumor Biology, due to irregularities in the peer-review process for the articles, most of which were by Chinese researchers. Southern Metropolis Daily commented on Monday:

Learning better than looks for students' future

[2017-04-25 07:38]

A HOSPITAL IN TIANJIN is reportedly offering special services for college students in its cosmetic surgery department to satisfy the rising demand from young people. Southern Metropolis Daily comments:

Fears over aircraft carriers uncalled for

[2017-04-25 07:38]

Ever since its first aircraft carrier, the CNS Liaoning, was commissioned in 2012 China has been trying to build such vessels using domestic technology. Yet recent media reports saying China may soon launch its first domestically built aircraft carrier have drawn wide national and international attention.

Money should not rule film and TV industry

[2017-04-25 07:38]

Editor's note: The veteran actors in the popular TV drama In the Name of the People have given excellent performances but the remunerations they get are low compared with those that younger celebrities get. This pay disparity has sparked a public debate. Two experts share their views with China Daily's Wu Zheyu. Excerpts below:

Move to protect US steelmakers is against norms of world trade

[2017-04-24 07:45]

Announcing that the United States will investigate whether foreign steel imports harm the country's national security, US President Donald Trump and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross have sent an unmistakable message to the big US steelmakers that they will protect them.

More than a diplomatic issue

[2017-04-24 07:45]

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe sent a ritual offering of a tree to Yasukuni Shrine, and one of his aides, Seiichi Eto, along with more than 90 members of a cross-party group of lawmakers, visited the shrine for its annual spring festival on Friday.

Anti-graft campaign also successful in hunting "foxes" that fled overseas

[2017-04-24 07:45]

ON APRIL 22, 2015, the International Criminal Police Organization National Central Bureau for China issued global arrest warrants for the 100 most-wanted Chinese fugitives overseas, of whom 60 percent were officials accused of bribery and graft. Two years after that, 40 of the 100 suspects have been brought to justice. An editorial on Beijing Youth Daily commented on Sunday:

Pull the plug on internet monopolies

[2017-04-24 07:45]

IN AUGUST 2012, THE DOMESTIC SOCIAL MEDIA APP WECHAT opened a new function called "public accounts" that allows registered users to publish their articles. Those who read an article on a public account can choose to make a payment to the writer as token of their appreciation for the writer's efforts. However, since Wednesday, users can no longer pay the bonus on iPhones or iPads because Apple insists that such payments must be done via Apple's in-app purchase feature. An editorial on comments:

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