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Time to reboot our thinking on cybercrime

[2017-05-21 09:41]

With what sounded like a barn door slamming shut after the horse had bolted, finance officials from seven of the world's leading economies pledged over the weekend to step up international cooperation on fighting cybercrime.

Marking history on canvas

[2017-05-19 07:34]

Li Binghong (1913-86) is not a household name, but his oil painting Nanchang Uprising marks a significant moment in China's history. His 1959 work depicts armed resistance under the leadership of the Communist Party of China that took place on Aug 1, 1927, in Nanchang, in the eastern Jiangxi province.

Rare facsimile of calligrapher's work on display in Nanjing

[2017-05-19 07:34]

None of 4th-century calligrapher Wang Xizhi's works survive today. But there are facsimiles of masterpieces by him. One of them, which is with Nanjing University in eastern China's Jiangsu province, is part of an ongoing exhibition.

Drinks and dinner with a view

[2017-05-19 07:34]

The thermometer is flirting with about 40 C in Beijing, a milestone reached earlier in many parts of China. But May is a great month for fans of a leisurely al fresco escape, and the heat won't deter many from relaxing in the great outdoors this weekend. In fact, many long-awaited rooftop and terrace venues are just opening in China's capital, especially in the Topwin Center and the China World tower. There's even more to come with the imminent openings of the Hotel Jen, Migas and other potential hotspots of summer 2017. So get outside this weekend, and enjoy a late-spring breeze at one of these airy new outlets or an old fave.

Deli offers a taste of its famous menu - by mail

[2017-05-19 07:34]

NEW YORK - Katz's Delicatessen has been urging customers to "send a salami to your boy in the Army" for generations. Now, the New York City restaurant, where everyone's favorite scene from When Harry Met Sally was shot, is expanding its shipping capacity so it can send perishable delicacies like pastrami and corned beef around the globe.

Eat beat

[2017-05-19 07:34]


Connecting thoughts

[2017-05-19 07:34]

With China hosting the first Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in Beijing earlier this week, the demand for stories related to the initiative has gone up, according to Chinese publishers.

Encyclopedia of China update to go online in 2018

[2017-05-19 07:34]

The online version of Encyclopedia of China (third edition), which will be released next year, is not aimed at Wikipedia, as many people assume, says Yang Muzhi, executive editor-in-chief of the encyclopedia.

Latest judicial guideline is not a letup on drunken driving

[2017-05-18 07:34]

The Supreme People's Court issued a pilot guideline on the penalties for drunken driving recently, which stipulates that offenses that cause very little harm to society should not be considered crimes, and thus be exempt from the penalties set out for dangerous driving in the Criminal Law.

Give fintech room to develop

[2017-05-18 07:34]

The People's Bank of China, the country's central bank, recently announced it had established a committee to study the impact of financial technology on monetary policy, the financial markets, and payment and clearing mechanisms, saying fintech has injected new vitality into financial services, but also brought new challenges.

First-generation migrant workers deserve better support in old age

[2017-05-18 07:34]

SINCE THE OPENING-UP and reform policy was launched in 1978, hundreds of millions of people from rural areas left their hometowns to work in cities. Today most of the first-generation migrant workers are in their 60s or 70s. Beijing Youth Daily comments:

Innovation always makes a difference

[2017-05-18 07:34]

EXPATS FROM SOME 20 COUNTRIES along the Belt and Road routes listed high-speed railways, online shopping, Alipay, the mobile payment service of e-commerce giant Alibaba, and bike-sharing, as China's "four great modern inventions", according to a recent survey conducted by Beijing Foreign Studies University. Yanzhao Evening News commented on Tuesday:

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