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Central authorities to count cost of exaggerated local performance

[2017-07-13 07:15]

INSTEAD OF THE LOCAL GOVERNMENTS, the central authorities will now produce the provincial GDP figures. Beijing News comments:

Technology in the interest of justice

[2017-07-13 07:15]

THE DEEPENING REFORM OF THE JUDICIAL SYSTEM is being accompanied by the application of modern technology. Shanghai, for instance, has developed an auxiliary case handling system, known as the 206 system, that seeks to bring the exercising of judicial power under uniform standards by flashing a "red light" if there is any mishandling of cases. commented on Wednesday:

Tragedy puts spotlight on the elderly

[2017-07-13 07:15]

ON SATURDAY, a taxi drove into a group of people who were jogging in a vehicle lane in Linyi, East China's Shandong province, leaving one jogger dead and two others injured. Beijing News comments:


[2017-07-13 07:10]

China pushes for 'interconnected' growth

[2017-07-13 07:15]

The just-concluded G20 summit sent a positive signal that the world's major economies, of which China is a bellwether, will push for "interconnected" growth, enhance economic cooperation and improve global governance. The summit, themed "Shaping an Interconnected World", was held in Hamburg, Germany, amid news that the global economy has recorded its best performance since the 2008 global financial crisis.

The future belongs to intelligent vehicles

[2017-07-13 07:15]

Editor's note: Robin Li, the chairman of China's largest search engine Baidu livestreamed himself riding in what he claimed was his company's first driverless car on Beijing's Fifth Ring Road on July 5, sparking a public debate on traffic regulations. There is no law or regulation on driverless cars, and traffic police said they are investigating the case. Three experts share their views on the subject with China Daily's Wu Zheyu. Excerpts follow:

Onus on HK to take advantage of initiative

[2017-07-13 07:15]

Two historic events with profound relevance to Hong Kong took place recently. The first was the celebration on July 1 to mark the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to China. And the other was the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in Beijing in May. And both events were presided over by President Xi Jinping.

Long live the taste of spicy crayfish thanks to urbanization wave

[2017-07-13 07:15]

At the height of summer, no food seems to be hotter than crayfish. The crustaceans, also known as "little lobsters" in China, and crawfish, crawdads, mugbugs or freshwater lobsters in other parts of the world, have a nickname in Chinese, ma xiao (spicy little lobsters) as they are often served in hot and spicy chili sauce.

Heritage sites at risk from over exploitation

[2017-07-11 07:05]

With the inclusion of Gulangyu Island, called Kulangsu in the local dialect and known for its well-preserved historical buildings, and Hol Xil, a plateau famous for its natural beauty and biodiversity, China now has 52 sites inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list, which was established to safeguard unique and irreplaceable cultural and natural sites around the world.

Elemental flaw in air checks

[2017-07-11 07:05]

Three teams recently dispatched by the Ministry of Environmental Protection to inspect the local air pollution prevention and treatment efforts in Hebei and Henan provinces and Beijing encountered obstructions and resistance. Some inspection personnel in Cangzhou, Hebei, were even "detained" 80 minutes by fake police, according to media reports.

Tougher penalties for driving that could take people to an early grave

[2017-07-11 07:05]

MORE THAN 1,000 CARS took the initiative to give way to an ambulance during the evening rush hour in Shenzhen, South China's Guangdong province, on Friday. As a result, the ambulance was able to convey a critically ill patient to hospital in less than three minutes. Beijing News comments:

Weak scrutiny makes apps a safe bet

[2017-07-11 07:05]

GAMBLING APPS can still be downloaded from app platforms, such as Apple's App Store, and advertisements for them can be seen on popular news apps such as Toutiao from time to time, thanks to these apps chameleon-like trick of displaying authorized content during the day and links to the gambling apps at night. Beijing News commented on Monday:

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