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Second-child policy will restore social balance

[2017-07-25 07:19]

The change in the family planning policy, which allows couples across China to have two children, is one of the biggest policy developments in the past five years. The comprehensive reforms, which includes the easing of the one-child policy, were unveiled at the Third Plenum of the 18th Communist Party of China Central Committee in 2013.

Pension reform to benefit senior citizens

[2017-07-25 07:19]

Pensions not only help senior citizens lead a decent life, but also can promote re-employment. Since pensions are important public goods, especially in an aging society, it is important to reduce the risks associated with them by, among other things, maintaining a substantial basic pension fund and further strengthening the pension system.

Mainland cities could learn from HK plan for low-income housing

[2017-07-25 07:19]

Hong Kong is well-known for its exorbitant housing prices and rents as well as cramped living spaces. With a severe shortage in the housing supply, high and ever-rising rents, low-income families in the city that do not own their own properties or enjoy public housing have no choice but to live in tiny subdivided apartments.

Sino-US trade talks fulfill task of forging consensus

[2017-07-21 09:07]

Although no breakthroughs were announced after the first Comprehensive Economic Dialogue between China and the United States, both sides displayed a strong political will to continue to work together and build on the "significant progress" that they had achieved in their preceding talks for the 100-day economic plan.

Right to curb waste imports

[2017-07-21 09:07]

China notified the World Trade Organization on Tuesday that it will stop accepting imports of 24 types of solid waste at the end of the year as part of its efforts to tackle environmental pollution and protect people's health.

Scammers still up to their tricks despite local efforts to stop them

[2017-07-21 09:07]

THE RINGLEADER BEHIND A TELEPHONE SCAM in Linyi, Shandong province, in which the young victim died of cardiac arrest last August, was sentenced to life imprisonment by the Linyi Intermediate People's Court on Wednesday. The other six defendants received prison terms ranging from 3 to 15 years. People's Daily comments:

Opposition fails to capitalize on Abe's woes

[2017-07-21 09:07]

PUBLIC SUPPORT for Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has fallen below 30 percent, his lowest approval rating since he returned to power in 2012. Beijing News commented on Thursday:

Don't knock it - square dancing is a way to keep fit

[2017-07-21 09:07]

THE ORGANIZING committee for the 13th National Games, which will be held in Tianjin from August 27 to September 8, has for the first time included square dancing among the events. Legal Daily comments:


[2017-07-21 09:09]

No reason for US to fear yuan exchange rate

[2017-07-21 09:07]

The exchange rate of the yuan was part of the agenda of the first round of China-US Comprehensive Economic Dialogue starting in Washington on Wednesday. Although the yuan's exchange rate is not the most sensitive bilateral economic issue, Washington considers it is important because China's trade surplus with the United States remains high.

Shared cars to boost sharing economy?

[2017-07-21 09:07]

Editor's note: Car-sharing services are emerging in cities such as Beijing. But is this a good solution to the road congestion problem? Four experts share their views with China Daily's Wu Zheyu. Excerpts follow:

Tsai's costly plan is against the will of people

[2017-07-21 09:07]

Early this month, Taiwan lawmakers approved an infrastructure stimulus plan designed to boost demand and thus the island's economy. The "proactive" stimulus plan, which the Tsai Ing-wen administration had said in March would involve 880 billion New Taiwan dollars ($29 billion) and be spread over eight years, ended up with only half the originally planned investment and duration.

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