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Top university tours offer little reward

[2017-08-08 08:35]

DURING THE SUMMER HOLIDAYS large numbers of visitors, mostly primary and middle school students from outside Beijing, can be seen lined up outside the gates of Peking University and Tsinghua University, waiting to enter the two most prestigious higher learning institutes in China for a campus tour. Beijing Youth Daily comments:

Fire inspections of communities must be stricter

[2017-08-08 08:35]

SINCE THE BEGINNING of July, Xi'an-based newspaper Chinese Business View has published a series of reports about local communities and revealing quite a number of them lack proper fire prevention arrangements. The newspaper comments:

Host diplomacy for a new world order

[2017-08-08 08:35]

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in November 2012, China has adopted an active approach to diplomacy both globally and domestically. While President Xi Jinping has left his mark and voice in almost every corner of the world thanks to his many foreign visits in the past five years, China has hosted close to 10 signature events of global or regional importance, with consistent focus on China-related and multilateral issues, since 2014.

Freeing students from the burden of loans

[2017-08-08 08:35]

Editor's note: Campus loans have been fraught with problems across China. Some college students, who fell into a financial trap after borrowing money from loan sharks, have committed suicides, fled their homes, or settled their debts with sexual favors. To prevent students from falling into a debt trap, the China Banking Regulatory Commission and the ministries of education, and human resources and social security recently banned peer-to-peer online lending companies from doing business on campuses. Two financial law experts share their views with China Daily. Excerpts follow:

Asian nations' role vital to initiative

[2017-08-08 08:35]

The support of Asian countries is crucial to China reshaping the Asia-Pacific regional order, which has been dominated by the United States. Despite the many political and strategic differences between Beijing and Washington, China has developed into a global power based on its growing economic, political and military strength, and its rise will help improve the regional and global order.

TV shows, films can consolidate cultural bonds with Europe

[2017-08-08 08:35]

I am thrilled by the avalanche of comments, re-posts and likes that I received within hours of the publication of my article on China Daily's weibo account on actor Jin Dong and his presence in the Belgian city of Antwerp to film Mr Right, a new TV drama. The popularity of the article can be partly attributed to Jin Dong, whose portrayal of different characters has won him the appreciation and love of millions of Chinese women of all ages.

China and ASEAN show they will not be impeded

[2017-08-07 09:08]

In a significant step toward building peace and stability in the South China Sea and the region at large, the foreign ministers of China and the 10 members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations endorsed the framework for a Code of Conduct in the waters in Manila on Sunday.

Geostrategic miscalculations are behind India's border trespassing

[2017-08-07 09:07]

The tensions caused by India's troops trespassing across the Sikkim section of the China-India border into Chinese territory show no signs of abating. This incident has brought back memories of colonial-era history and triggered fresh worries about a looming contest of will between the two giant Asian neighbors.

Sanctions needed, talks essential

[2017-08-07 08:41]

The United Nations' response to latest provocations by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea - its intercontinental ballistic missile launches on July 3 and 27 - has been prompt, with the UN Security Council unanimously approving tough, new sanctions on Pyongyang.


[2017-08-07 08:14]

A paradigm shift in global governance

[2017-08-07 08:41]

We are living in a seemingly rudderless world full of uncertainty thanks to the simultaneous existence of globalization and anti-globalization sentiments. As a result, the paradigm of global governance has begun a momentous yet bifurcated shift, making adaptation difficult for countries, large and small. Yet countries have to understand and timely adapt to this shift, both individually and collectively.

Local govts need more green awareness

[2017-08-07 08:41]

While offering its investigation feed backs to the government of East China's Fujian province on Mon day, the central environmental inspection team said the good ecological foundation of the province had prompted some local officials to be overoptimistic about the health of the local environment and thus not address the environmental problems, which undermined the efforts to preserve the unique local marine ecology.

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