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'No gutter oil' campaign gets thumbs up

[2017-05-12 07:31]

KOUBEI, A LOCAL SERVICES PLATFORM affiliated to Alibaba Group, is giving "No Gutter Oil" labels to restaurants that promise not to use substandard cooking oil and recommending them before their unlabeled rivals. Southern Metropolis Daily commented on Thursday:

Popularity of school workbooks stems from focus on exams

[2017-05-12 07:31]

THE MINISTRY of Education has banned primary and middle schools from providing students with any drill-and-review workbooks. An article published in Shenzhen-based Jingbao Daily comments:

China's growing role in global development

[2017-05-12 07:31]

Despite the apparent tranquility of this year's spring meetings of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, there are reasons to be concerned about the global economy. The United Kingdom's impending "hard" Brexit from the European Union and US President Donald Trump's anti-globalization agenda are creating economic uncertainty, and will continue to do so for some time.

Xiongan must test, and save, the waters

[2017-05-12 07:31]

Xiongan New Area will be established in North China's Hebei province to help phase out the non-capital functions of Beijing. Spread across Xiongxian, Rongcheng and Anxin counties in Baoding city, the new area also covers Baiyangdian, a major wetland in northern China, making the protection of the environment and water resources a necessity.

New ROK leader may help untie peninsula's Gordian knot

[2017-05-11 07:40]

Almost all of a sudden, the apparently imminent danger of a military showdown on the Korean Peninsula seems to have evaporated into thin air.

A symphony for all to play

[2017-05-11 07:40]

Increasing attention is being paid to the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative both at home and overseas, and there is a growing consensus that it should be a symphony played by all participants rather than a solo played by China alone.

State-owned companies can better mind the stores of grain

[2017-05-11 07:40]

OVER 1.6 MILLION TONS OF GRAIN RESERVES in Central China's Henan province have reportedly spoiled after being stored for seven years. Nanfang Daily commented on Wednesday:

Natural for biologist to change university

[2017-05-11 07:40]

YAN NING, a biologist at Tsinghua University, faced quite fierce criticism online when she announced she had accepted an offer from Princeton University and will become a tenured professor there starting this autumn. Many accused her of being "unpatriotic". Beijing Youth Daily comments:

Fathers need to pull their weight in raising kids

[2017-05-11 07:40]

AHEAD OF MOTHER'S Day on Sunday, some media have reported that many working mothers feel stressful under the pressure of balancing family and career. People's Daily comments:

Xiongan and Initiative made for each other

[2017-05-11 07:40]

The proposed Xiongan New Area in North China's Hebei province is vital for coordinating the development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and relieving Beijing of its non-capital functions.

Young firefighter's life not lost in vain

[2017-05-11 07:40]

Editor's note: Yao Weijun, a 23-year-old fireman, lost his life while trying to save a 95-year-old woman from a fire in a house in Ningde, East China's Fujian province last week. His death has triggered a heated debate recently on whether a young man should risk his life to save a nonagenarian. Following are the views of two journalists and a scholar on the incident:

Tsai trying to hijack Taiwan's public health for political aims

[2017-05-10 11:27]

Obviously Tsai Ing-wen was frustrated and found no better way to vent her disappointment at Taiwan's failure to receive an invitation from the World Health Assembly, which will open in Geneva on May 22.

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