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Peninsula issue requires unity

[2017-08-02 07:21]

The best scenario in pursuing denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula - all stakeholders jointly pursuing a peaceful resolution - appears increasingly distant and unachievable. Indeed, there are signs that the fragile solidarity that had appeared to have been forged recently has already crumbled, since the apportioning of blame has resurged after the Democratic People's Republic of Korea test-launched its second intercontinental ballistic missile in a month.

Tycoon's move shows mainland's space for speculation is shrinking

[2017-08-02 07:21]

HONG KONG TYCOON, Li Ka-shing put his Hutchison Global Communications on sale on Sunday at a price of HK$14.5 billion ($1.86 billion). Three days earlier his Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings and Cheung Kong Property Holdings announced they will establish a joint venture to purchase Ista Luxemburg GmbH, a German energy management service provider, and all of its affiliated companies for about HK$41.4 billion. Beijing News comments:

Recruiting focus on quality not quantity

[2017-08-02 07:21]

MULTINATIONAL ELECTRONICS CONTRACTOR Foxconn Technology Group, headquartered in Tucheng, New Taipei, has announced it will invest $10 billion over the next four years to build a liquid-crystal display manufacturing facility in Wisconsin in the United States. China Youth Daily commented on Tuesday:

Stamp out the online trade in illegal seals

[2017-08-02 07:21]

ON SEVERAL DOMESTIC e-commerce platforms, there are online shops that will make stamps for anybody willing to pay a few dozen yuan, even if the customer is without the necessary authorization materials. Beijing Youth Daily comments:


[2017-08-02 07:19]

Inada resignation adds to Abe's woes

[2017-08-02 07:21]

Japanese Defense Minister Tomomi Inada resigned on Friday following weeks of scandal that included the alleged withholding of internal documents, especially those on the daily activities and safety conditions of Japan's Ground Self-Defense Force during its UN peacekeeping operations in South Sudan.

Shared bikes should also be safe bikes

[2017-08-02 07:21]

Editor's Note: The parents of an 11-year-old boy, who was killed in a collision with a coach while riding one of Ofo's shared bikes in Shanghai in March, have sued the company and the coach driver, demanding 8.78 million yuan ($1.32 million) in compensation. They also want Ofo to replace its bike locks with smarter ones. Two experts share their views with China Daily's Cui Shoufeng. Excerpts follow:

Culture a catalyst to national rejuvenation

[2017-08-02 07:21]

Culture sometimes helps distinguish civilizations from less complex societies. Many sociologists and anthropologists identify culture with civilization. And all of them agree that cultures, both elite and folk, have played a key role in the progress of human civilization.

Many migrants live a real life in Beijing, not pretend to do so

[2017-08-02 07:21]

Did you have dinner with your college mates or old friends this year in Beijing? Are those who often dine with you your colleagues? Do you usually receive or see off your friends at airports or train stations? And you don't go to Wukesong Arena to support Beijing's basketball team, Beijing Ducks, or to Workers' Stadium to cheer the city's soccer club, Beijing Guo'an, right?

Local officials need more environmental awareness

[2017-08-01 07:42]

The environmental inspection teams sent by the central authorities to oversee the anti-pollution efforts of the local governments in Tianjin and five provinces, including Anhui, Shanxi and Liaoning, have described the situations they found as "shocking".

Guidelines for action plan

[2017-08-01 07:42]

In a recent speech at a meeting of provincial and ministerial-level officials, President Xi Jinping elaborated on how China should press ahead with its development.

Solid waste imports ban shows resolve to protect environment

[2017-08-01 07:42]

IMPORTS OF ENVIRONMENTALLY HAZARDOUS SOLID WASTE will end before the end of the year, and imports of solid waste that can be replaced by domestic resources will end by 2019, the State Council, China's Cabinet, announced on Thursday. Beijing Youth Daily comments:

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