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People-oriented development

[2017-08-10 08:36]

To lead the Chinese people in their pursuit of a better life is an unswerving goal of the Communist Party of China, President Xi Jinping reiterated in a speech at a recent meeting of provincial and ministerial-level officials.

Dispute over personal data highlights their value and vulnerability of users

[2017-08-10 08:36]

TENCENT, A LEADING MOBILE INTERNET SERVICES PROVIDER, has made a complaint to the industrial administrative departments against Huawei, a domestic telecommunications equipment manufacturer, for grabbing the data of its customers. Beijing Youth Daily comments:

New must get time to show its worth

[2017-08-10 08:36]

OPERATORS OF THE SMALL KARAOKE BOOTHS inside malls and supermarkets in some Chinese cities are not required to obtain the licenses that apply to traditional karaoke venues, according to a recent notice issued by the Ministry of Culture. commented on Wednesday:

Discriminatory health standards must be scrapped

[2017-08-10 08:36]

LIN CHUANHUA, a disabled resident in Lianjiang county, East China's Fujian province, applied for a local public teaching position this year. He ranked the first in the exam, but was rejected by the local education bureau because of his disability. Beijing News comments:


[2017-08-10 08:26]

China-ASEAN ties still face challenges

[2017-08-10 08:36]

On Sunday, China and ASEAN members highlighted the achievements their strategic partnership has made over the past 15 years, and agreed to deepen bilateral cooperation, according to a joint communiqué of the 50th ASEAN Foreign Ministers' Meeting in Manila.

Overcome difficulties to uproot pyramid schemes

[2017-08-10 08:36]

Tianjin police launched a 20-day massive crackdown on pyramid schemes on Aug 6 after Li Wenxing and Zhang Chao, two young men tricked into such schemes while seeking jobs, were found dead in the city's Jinghai district last month.

Anti-Nazi laws deserve utmost respect

[2017-08-10 08:36]

Editor's note: Two Chinese tourists were arrested in Berlin recently for giving a Nazi salute while posing for photos in front of the Reichstag parliamentary building. Two experts share their views with China Daily's Zhang Zhouxiang from different perspectives. Excerpts below:

Abe continues his struggle to tide over political crisis

[2017-08-10 08:36]

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's approval rating slightly rebounded one day after he reshuffled his Cabinet on Thursday, the third reshuffle since he returned to power in 2012, according to local media polls. A survey conducted by Kyodo News Agency on Friday showed an increase of 8.6 points in the rating, compared with the previous poll. The 44.4 percent approval rating comes as a reprieve for the scandal-hit Abe administration.

Vietnam out of step with rest of ASEAN

[2017-08-08 08:35]

At their meeting in Manila on Sunday, the foreign ministers of China and the members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations spoke highly of the achievements made in China-ASEAN ties over the past 15 years and agreed to push their cooperation to an even higher level.

Five years of progress

[2017-08-08 08:35]

The past five years have been a time of struggle, but they have also been a time of advancement for the nation, as the top leadership, with President Xi Jinping as the core, has identified major tasks and taken strategic initiatives and adopted significant policies to accomplish them.

Germany right to remind tourists it has no tolerance for banned symbols

[2017-08-08 08:35]

TWO CHINESE MEN, aged 36 and 49, were arrested by local police for taking photos of each other making a Nazi salute outside the Reichstag, seat of the lower house of Parliament, in Berlin - an illegal act under German laws. Beijing News commented on Monday:

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