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RCEP a positive signal for global trade

[2019-11-08 07:48]

The 35th ASEAN meeting held in Bangkok declared on Monday that the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership negotiations had concluded after six years of negotiations.

Session ushers in new era of governance

[2019-11-08 07:48]

Editor's Note: The Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Communist Party of China Central Committee, which concluded last week, called for upholding and improving the system of socialism with Chinese characteristics, as well as modernizing the national governance system and governance capability. Two experts share their views on the issue with China Daily's Liu Jianna. Excerpts follow:

Forever the bully, US never gets tired of playing the 'Taiwan card'

[2019-11-08 07:48]

Twenty departments including the State Council's Taiwan Affairs Office and the National Development and Reform Commission unveiled"26 measures" on Monday to further enhance cross-Straits economic and cultural exchanges.

Opening wider - that's good for both China and the world

[2019-11-06 07:53]

President Xi Jinping's keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the second China International Import Expo in Shanghai on Tuesday indicated China wants the event to be a new platform to synergize global efforts to promote the irreversible trend of economic globalization for the benefit of all countries.

Tougher restrictions required to stop online selling of e-cigarettes

[2019-11-06 07:53]

DESPITE THE AUTHORITIES ISSUING a statement that all websites and apps selling e-cigarettes should be shut down and all online marketing campaigns halted, e-cigarettes are still being sold and advertized on the major domestic e-commerce platforms. China Daily writer Wang Yiqing comments:

US intimidating meddling to no avail

[2019-11-06 07:53]

The United States has developed a penchant for stoking tensions in the South China Sea on the occasion of the annual series of Southeast Asia meetings in recent years. And when the leaders of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and their regional partners met in Bangkok over the past few days to discuss important issues concerning regional development, this year proved to be no exception.

British democracy has become a farce

[2019-11-06 07:53]

Editor's Note: The United Kingdom will hold an early election on Dec 12 to try and get a breakthrough in the Brexit impasse. Xiakedao, a WeChat account owned by People's Daily Overseas Edition, comments:

No flying in the face of safety regulations

[2019-11-06 07:53]

ON SUNDAY, A YOUNG WOMAN POSTED ON her micro blog a photo taken in the cockpit of a commercial airline during a flight, which aroused public anger. On Monday, Air Guilin, the airline concerned, banned the pilot of the flight from flying for life and suspended all the crew members involved. China Daily writer Zhang Zhouxiang comments:

Sage counsel for HK's future well-being

[2019-11-06 07:53]

Speaking publicly for the first time about the turmoil in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, President Xi Jinping said that ending the violence and chaos and restoring order are the most important tasks for the SAR government at present.

Expo aims to build an open world economy

[2019-11-06 07:53]

The ongoing second China International Import Expo in Shanghai proves China remains committed to further opening up in order to build an open world economy in the new era. This is in line with China's pursuit of a new round of high-level opening-up and to further widen market access to the rest of the world.

Ignoring HK riots, US uses human rights to maintain hegemony

[2019-11-06 07:53]

What the United States can truly lecture other countries on is how to master the art of using double standard. On Friday night, several hundred protesters took to the streets in New York City to protest alleged police brutality. Yet on the same day, President Donald Trump tweeted: "NYC is getting dirty & unsafe again, as our great police are being disrespected, even with water dumped on them ..."

Shared intent to improve bilateral relations

[2019-11-05 07:42]

China and Australia vowed to improve bilateral ties on Sunday during a high-level meeting between Premier Li Keqiang and his Australian counterpart Scott Morrison on the sidelines of a series of Southeast Asia meetings in Bangkok, a message that is badly needed for both sides to steer their damaged relationship out of troubled waters and onto a more stable and healthy terrain.

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