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Faced with rising opposition forces, Abe's future looks uncertain

[2017-08-14 08:55]

Japan's political landscape is not expected to stabilize to suit Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's style of politics despite the Cabinet reshuffle on Aug 3. Support for his administration is not constant, although approval ratings have risen slightly.

No grounds for India to claim it is aiding Bhutan

[2017-08-11 08:24]

Nearly two months after India sent its troops across the Sikkim section of the border with China into the Donglang area, triggering a standoff between Chinese and Indian soldiers, New Delhi has continued to drag its feet over pulling its trespassing troops back onto Indian soil despite the repeated protests and warnings Beijing has made.

Guidance for development

[2017-08-11 08:24]

Speaking at a recent meeting of provincial and ministerial-level officials, President Xi Jinping highlighted the significant achievements accomplished by the nation, which have been attained even though it has had to endure numerous hardships and sufferings in modern times.

Punishments too lenient to prevent medicine monopolies raising prices

[2017-08-11 08:24]

THE AUTHORITIES will soon publish a price guide for short-of-supply medicines and bulk pharmaceutical chemicals and they are seeking opinions from the public. Legal Daily comments:

Poor picture of health in Shanghai

[2017-08-11 08:24]

A REPORT ON THE HEALTH of Shanghai's white-collar workers suggests that last year over 95 percent of those surveyed had outstanding health problems, about 8 percent higher than that in 2011. commented on Thursday:

Social media response to earthquake shows people need to post more responsibly

[2017-08-11 08:24]

A MAGNITUDE 7.0 EARTHQUAKE hit Jiuzhaigou county, Southwestern China's Sichuan province, on Tuesday evening, causing 20 deaths and about 175 injuries. Almost the moment the earthquake struck, people began sharing information about it via social media networks. comments:


[2017-08-11 08:20]

Japan must stop stirring up trouble

[2017-08-11 08:24]

Japan has made no secret of its disappointment with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations after its 10 member states and China approved the framework for a Code of Conduct in the South China Sea in Manila on Sunday and pledged to hold further negotiations.

Cool advice for hot study tours abroad

[2017-08-11 08:24]

It has been a hot summer in many areas in China, but short study tours abroad seem to be even hotter. Parents spend tens of thousands of yuan on such study tours, especially to places where top universities are located, including the New England area in the United States, and Oxford and Cambridge in the United Kingdom.

Turning deserts into opportunities

[2017-08-11 08:24]

Kubuqi and Saihanba in North China are widely seen as successful examples of the country's fight against desertification.

Climate change brings out the ugly, the bad and the good in US

[2017-08-11 08:24]

What happened in the past two weeks has highlighted the world superpower's leadership and its loss of leadership on the climate front.

Instead of hurling threats, US and DPRK should talk

[2017-08-10 08:36]

First it was United States Secretary of State Rex Tillerson stating Washington's willingness to talk with Pyongyang, if the latter halts its missile stunts.

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