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Big push against inertia

[2017-05-10 11:27]

Li Chaoxing, director of the Tianjin Municipal Commission of Industry and Information Technology, was recently dismissed from his post because of his failure to fulfill his duties.

Ban on smoking in public places must be enforced to the letter

[2017-05-10 11:27]

SHENZHEN IN SOUTH CHINA'S GUANGDONG PROVINCE implemented a smoking ban on Jan 1 this year, forbidding smoking in public rooms and on public transport. Since May 7, local law enforcers have launched several special campaigns to dissuade people from smoking in public. comments:

City's WiFi service just a decoration

[2017-05-10 11:27]

THE BEIJING MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENT introduced a wireless internet service called MyBeijing last year, which was free to use for the first two hours. On May 1, that restriction was lifted, and people can now use the service free of charge for as long as they like - at least in theory, since few people have succeeded in accessing the service. Legal Daily comments:

Family background should never be a factor for enrollment

[2017-05-10 11:27]

A PRIVATE PRIMARY SCHOOL in Shanghai has been criticized by the municipal education authorities for asking the parents of kids attending interviews to answer questionnaires and tests. comments:


[2017-05-10 11:25]

Initiative charting new trajectory for mankind

[2017-05-10 11:27]

It was no doubt the unique circumstances of China's internal and external developments during the first decade of this century that convinced President Xi Jinping to place the Belt and Road Initiative at the top of China's foreign policy agenda.

Fees charged drivers must be legal and reasonable

[2017-05-08 07:15]

A LAWYER IN GUANGZHOU, South China's Guangdong province, is suing a local expressway company after he was charged 10 yuan ($1.4) for using a highway designed to link non-adjacent towns to an expressway, which he claims he did not use. Legal Daily commented on Saturday:

Something smells behind stinky salt

[2017-05-08 07:15]

THE SHENYING SALT COMPANY in Pingdingshan, Central China's Henan province, is recalling its rock salt products, which customers in several provinces have complained give off the odor of smelly feet when heated. Beijing Youth Daily commented on Friday:

Initiative also seeks to connect different peoples and cultures

[2017-05-08 07:15]

The Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation is scheduled to be held in Beijing on May 14 and 15. As well as consolidating the international consensus for sustainable and inclusive development, the China-proposed initiative is forging stronger bonds among participating countries and promoting more mutual understanding between peoples with different cultural backgrounds.

C919 an undoubted achievement

[2017-05-08 07:15]

The debut flight of the C919, China's first homegrown large passenger plane, on Friday has been hailed both at home and abroad as a catalyst for accelerating the country's steps to transform its manufacturing sector.

Those who seek to profit from protected species break the law

[2017-05-08 07:15]

A MAN IN SHENZHEN, South China's Guangdong province, was recently given a five-year sentence and fined 3,000 yuan ($435) after he sold two parrots of an endangered species under State-level protection. Beijing News commented on Sunday:

Tokyo Bay area a lesson in development

[2017-05-08 07:15]

China could learn from the experience of Tokyo Bay area how to develop the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Great Bay Area, which this year's Government Work Report lists as a central government mission.

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