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US should throw its weight behind inter-Korean talks

[2017-07-21 09:07]

The proposal, made by Republic of Korea President Moon Jae-in this week, to resume inter-Korean dialogue with the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is a welcome move after a long period of provocative actions and harsh rhetoric by various countries.

With a little give and take, dialogue can bear fruit

[2017-07-20 07:11]

There were a number of practical outcomes from the meeting between the US and Chinese presidents in Florida back in April. Among them are a 100-day economic plan for cooperation between the world's two largest economies and the restructuring of their wide-ranging high-level dialogues into four more focused dialogue mechanisms, including one on their economic ties.

Keeping financial risks at bay

[2017-07-20 07:11]

To defuse financial risks, especially systemic ones, is a fundamental task, and this explains why China unveiled a series of reform plans at a recent National Financial Work Conference to safeguard its financial security and promote the financial sector's efficient and sound operation to lubricate its sustainable and healthy economic and social development.

Measures are needed to preempt theft and sales of personal info

[2017-07-20 07:11]

THIRTEEN EMPLOYEES of a courier service company in North China's Hebei province were arrested recently for selling more than 40,000 pieces of private information of their clients. China Youth Daily comments:

Fake pills a risky way to lose weight

[2017-07-20 07:11]

POLICE IN SUZHOU, East China's Jiangsu province, raided an underground workshop producing diet pills on Monday. It was the country's first livestreamed law enforcement action targeting counterfeit medical products. Beijing Youth Daily commented on Wednesday:

New meal service for train travelers on the right track

[2017-07-20 07:11]

AS OF MONDAY, 27 high-speed train stations were providing a pilot food-on-demand service to passengers, who can pre-order food from a selection of the outlets at the stations. China Youth Daily commented on Wednesday:

Unnecessary to fuss about debts

[2017-07-20 07:11]

China's debt problem recently moved into the spotlight when Moody's downgraded the country's sovereign rating. But was the downgrade really warranted?

China is leading the 'automobility' revolution

[2017-07-20 07:11]

China's unique urban transportation challenges, high rate of adoption of mobile internet services, and rapid and aggressive introduction of alternative mobility solutions have combined to make the country a fertile ground for mobility innovation.

Better protection for rights of juveniles and migrant workers

[2017-07-20 07:11]

Zhicheng Public Interest Lawyers, part of Beijing Zhicheng Law Firm, has become China's largest public interest legal service provider after nearly 20 years of selfless service, which shows that lawyers attach great importance to safeguarding the legal rights and interests of the vulnerable groups in society.

'Living tribute' to flight victims

[2017-07-18 07:00]

AMSTERDAM - A national monument commemorating victims who died three years ago in the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 is set for a formal opening on Monday.

The indigenous people who are born to run

[2017-07-18 07:00]

GUACHOCHI, Mico - In old indigenous Latin American cultures, women toil at farming and tackle family duties. Atop this remote Mexican mountain, they also slap on sandals and crush pro athletes on long-distance runs.

Indian woman defies stereotypes and inspires through yoga

[2017-07-18 07:00]

MUMBAI - A plus-sized Indian woman is challenging body stereotypes and defying internet trolls with a series of yoga videos that are proving a hit on social media.

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